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  1. Hi All, My partner has had a letter through today confirming a decree has been granted against her on a simple procedure raised by Nolans over an HBOS debt she believed to be proscribed. She sent a subject access request, got a response and the next letter we've had is from the Registry confirming the decree. No court hearing, no further letters from Nolans.....nothing. I actually won a similar case against Nolans a few years back, there was no court date though in the papers my partner received - has there been a change in the process at all due to COVID?
  2. TBH i was hoping it wouldn't have gone this far -was hoping to move on & had assumed they'd settled & was happy to leave it at that. I'm relatively familiar with the process, had to do it for a summary cause I Was cited for last year, hopefully they come back to me today but I don't see how I can trust them anymore to resolve this.
  3. Unfortunately not. But I've asked them to retrieve all texts they've ever sent - yeah I did mean 2017 sorry. The settlement figure increased between when they sent me it & when my funds cleared to settle the account -they text once saying I still owed them £6-£8 and another time a few hours later saying the loan was settled in full. They've repeatedly referred to a settlement form I had to sign & didn't - checked every email I've had from them and I've never received it. One email I have from December claiming to have said attachment contains a random HTML with details of h
  4. They have pal, yeah. Disappointed that it's come to this not to mention the damage to my credit file. They never actually sent me the settlement form, asked them at the end of January for another copy & they never sent it
  5. Hello All, I’ve a feeling that I’ll need to go to the Ombudsman but would be grateful for any assistance.: Long Story short, I approached PayDay UK/MEM Capital last July 2017 and requested a settlement figure as I released equity in a property I own to clear my feet. I was given the figure and when the funds cleared acouple of weeks later, I received 2 text messages (16/8/18) 1st text said I was £8 short due to accruing interest since the initial settlement figure was issued, and literally acouple of hours later I received another text saying my loan was settled in full. As a
  6. Good luck Michael. Neither Nolans or Cabot will go anywhere near a courtroom up here, so don't worry. As long as you are more informed than the local agent the judge will eventually tire of it & launch it out Nolans took me to court for the same thing earlier this year, no showed & lefty the local agent looking daft every time. They failed to produce any proof of how & when I last paid their client & when it came to the proof part (3rd time in court) they tried to circumvent court procedure by asking for more time. Not entirely sure how they are allowed to w
  7. Got myself in a tizzy over nothing tbh. They haven't represented themselves once, failed to submit an IA reducing the amount after writing to me telling me they had - they left the local agent high & dry - the rest of the agents & courtroom absolutely destroyed them..
  8. Decree absolved granted!! They asked for a dismissal, judge said it was an attempt to circumvent court process as this would let them raise action again in future... Delighted ...thanks to all who responded and assisted me. Decree absolvitor sorry*
  9. Had a lot going on this month between this & been rather ill - so any other action I should take about this letter? I actually checked my bank statements - nothing went in or out my account between November 2011 & February 2012 so there's literally nothing on the statements - theres a specific reason for it too
  10. Thought as much, for all I don’t have the letter in front of me the tone sounds a bit desperate. The sheriff opened things up massively at the last hearing as there hadn’t been any previous discussion be it in court or through their letters about due process being followed relating to the notification of default & their assignation. Comes across as if they’re flapping. There is nothing on the statements but given their track record & the fact they have at best misrepresented several pieces of documentation I don’t think it’ll be hard for a sheriff to accept why I have
  11. Afternoon All, Just a quick update – haven’t been home yet to see it for myself but another letter arrived from Nolans today, fairly aggressive tone demanding that I send copies of my bank statements from 2011-2012 to prove I never made the £40 payments to Bank of Scotland and how it would be ‘frowned upon’ (they use that phrase twice in the letter) if I didn’t. I don’t have anything to hide in respect of the bank statements, and I don’t see how me producing them on the day actually hinders their case. They’ve also suggested I’ve denied having ever entered a credit agreement a
  12. Afternoon All, So Nolans didn't bother submitting their documents to the court as they told me they intended to & instructed the local agent to seek a continuation for any defence bar statute barred. Judge was very fair although didn't give me the chance to put a few points across - he expressed concern that Nolans only started writing to me towards the end of last year & hadn't provided CCA or submitted the docs they informed the judge they were submitting. So reconvening on May 16th - starting to get concerned about this dragging out & dragging out - may seek legal
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