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  1. When I first got papers I sent "I will pay £30 a month to this" (daft I know but I freaked when I first got it.) They replied "give us your name, address d.o.b ect" I didn't reply and instead came here.
  2. Another case management discussion has been called. Claimant has to produce within 14 days a copy of an email I sent and a copy of the original credit agreement dated 2006.
  3. It was lloyds tsb changed to hbos. The screenshot is just a blacked out screen with a strip of my name, address, phone number, account number. Titled schedule of charged off of accounts for assignation. (Exact words). I also have a "account sale agreements for the sale of debts". Don't see my name on there. Just to add. I've never banked with lloyds.
  4. The pause was to be six months, that lapsed 17 Feb just past. Today I got an amended simple procedure in, they had stated the wrong bank and date. They have now fixed this and sent a screenshot of my name and address from a computer...they say this is the proof. I have a chance to ask the sheriff to reject the changes. How should I word my request? (D1)
  5. I noticed the Cabot account has been 'closed' on my credit report... what does this mean?
  6. Yes notice of Assignment was mentioned. I mentioned them saying that they had proof in original paperwork- no reply. Confused - I didn't say that. So still not beat yet then, I feel the judge tried to have me admit the Debt. He summarised - you owe this debt but don't know to whom? I didn't reply.
  7. Think nolans, dunno about the sheriff he asked me if I admitted the Debt, I said I had an overdraft with the bank that was withdrawn. He has asked them to produce a paper trail to me to show how they acquired the Debt. Which will prove I owe? Will they be able to produce this?. I think I'm beat tbh
  8. Action paused for upto 6 months to allow them to gather a paper trail. I tried my best and my objection was refused, was quite good fun.
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