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  1. As far as mortgage company are aware. It is an ongoing case. There is no judgement. This 146 has been sent to them AFTER the mistake was realised by the court and rectified. This was also recieved AFTER the copy of form n180 was sent to me by PDC (the DCA) so they are definitely aware that there is no judgement, yet they have sent this claim to my mortgage company irrespective. I’m guessing to try to continue to scare me with rapidly escalating charges that have not been realised in court. My concern is with what my mortgage company are saying that they may seek solicitor advi
  2. Phoned my bank and asked them to not make the payment. I have received a letter from my bank stating the following: “Thank you for your call to our customer service team. Our understanding of your request is you are currently disputing the charges demanded from legal indemnity and have asked that we do not make payment. Firstly thank you for contacting us with your concerns. Whilst we do not wasn’t to prejudice your position, legal indemnity have served the enclosed section notice. This means that if charges are not paid by the prescribed time within the section notice, the
  3. I phoned my mortgage company and told them not to pay, giving the reason being that it is now a defended court case. The person I spoke to only was someone who writes notes on the account and I apparently never get to speak to anyone who makes decisions therefore I need to phone back again to see what the outcome is. I read the link but must be missing something as I didn’t see anything that I might find useful Is this normal practice once a case is being defended in court for it to be claimed through a back door? I’m confused and worried that my mortgage company might pay it
  4. I sent off the form n180 in good time and have received the copy of the form from PDC law now as I suspected might well happen I have a letter from my mortgage company saying that a company called ‘legal indemnity’ are saying I owe £3842 for outstanding charges on my property which is another £1600 on top of what they are claiming I owe them on their court claim!! I will phone my mortgage company on Monday to tell them this is a court case now and they should not pay it but I mean what the hell! Are they even allowed to do this once they themselves have already escalated it to a co
  5. Just the judgement atm, I’ll be sending form n180 off this weekend for round 2. Guy on other end of courts phone was very pleasant and reassuring.
  6. Small update, rang the court today and the judgement letter was a mistake, it has been stricken off and there is no judgement as it stands. One worried ruined evening for nothing :/ but at least it’s solved
  7. Damnit no, I knew I’d forget something checked and double checked I’d done everything. It seems I needed to triple check :/ can I still ask for this or is it too late? Presumably the claimant will also have received 2 letters.
  8. Hopefully they will just realise they made an error with me as well and change judgement but considering how stressful these cases are you’d have thought they should deal with it correctly in the first place :/
  9. Thank you for your swift reply. I will prepare the 3 copies of form n180 tomorrow and will go ahead and ring the court in the morning to try to find out what’s up. The claim form does not have a MCOL password that I can see. Should I make a MCOL acc myself? How did it go the last time this mistake had happened?
  10. I sent my defence and have now received two letters. Neither of which were sent to my current address where I live. I updated the contact details on my defence form. The first letter dated 19th September 2018 states it is now a defended case and have said the case is suitable for allocation to the small claims track. They have also given me form n180 to reply and send back to them by 17th October 2018. And file it with the court office. The second letter dated 26th September 2018 has said I have not replied to the claim form and judgement is made to the full amount of £2368.
  11. A few years ago the freehold for the entire complex went up for sale and it was required that we as leaseholders be given first opportunity to purchase it between us. I along with over 50% of the other owners of a lease purchased it between us and I now own the freehold for my flat and a portion of the grounds. A guy in the complex organised it all via solicitors for all the leaseholders at the time. I have to date received no certificate or documentation although the last time I saw him he said it was all with the solicitors and It was all sorted but he would write out some cer
  12. Thx Andy. In their notice of claim, they have attached a copy of a pre action protocol that they sent to me, yet I do not recall having recieved it. Whilst not totally sure, I’m pretty sure I never had one. They have it dated for 12th March. I find this very strange as they had the debt referred to them by Hine hall on March 6th, would they as newly appointed DCA really have had their first contact with me as a pre action protocol? Also their PDC instruction fee of £250 isn’t dated and just says n/a. Is this normal?
  13. Have I completed the form suggested to me correctly? It seems very lengthy to have done it verbatim. Sorry for that.
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