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  1. Have just discovered that our insurance company closed the case months ago and now it’s too much hassle to continue. That said will take up with Aviva in the belief that the wrong details were given by the driver. Thanks for the input guys.
  2. The only detail our insurance provided was that the other drivers insurance company was Aviva. They claimed that they could not provide the rest because of data protection. Aviva claimed that the details I provided which the driver had supplied did not match their details and therefore they couldn’t discuss the matter further. I still have the piece of paper with the drivers details minus the policy number which he never provided. He also gave the wrong insurer.
  3. Just over a year ago my wife was driving me into town in her car on a day when the ground was snow covered. My wife stopped at the foot of a hill when she saw that a car half way up the hill had stopped and was clearly in difficulties. The car then began to slide back down the hill very slowly and with cars behind us, my wife had no way of moving out of the way. The sliding car came to a halt when it bumped into our car. Driver admitted fault and exchanged details. A few days later got the go-ahead to have the car repaired and paid the £95 excess to the repairers when the repair was complete. Contacted wife’s insurance company to ask how to reclaim the excess and was told that we would have to reclaim from the other drivers insurance company which they said was Aviva. Aviva was not the insurance company named by the driver. However, phoned Aviva and because they said that the details we had provided were wrong they would not discuss the case and that we should again contact our own insurance. And yet we had provided the drivers name, the registration, phone number and the other relevant details as given by the driver. Contacted our own insurance again by email to verify or correct the details of the other driver and were shocked when they replied that because of the data protection act, the could not provide the other drivers details. Phoned the Ombudsman and was told that he could not understand why they would not provide the details because these were the details that were required in an RTC and in any case could be accessed online. Own insurance wouldn’t budge. Just received our insurance renewal which logs the bump as being my wife’s fault. Data protection has indeed gone mad. Aviva wouldn’t discuss because we gave the wrong details and our own insurance wouldn’t provide the details either because of data protection. Any advice?
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