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  1. They can't foresee if a company will go into administration - e.g.. the members/creditors can vote on it there and then but they certainly should have performed some due diligence when levying the fine. Strange that its looking like they are now insolvent - question is were they solvent when the agreement/fine was made and when did it turn. External auditors make a living out of assessing whether a company is a going concern:wink:
  2. Cheers - I knew the figure was a bit high as soon as I typed it! My thought was/is that there was no intention to reach the point whereby redress payments were made but rather just wait it out until insolvency. FCA has a few questions to answer here as well.
  3. Yep - when i contacted them they said they had until the 31st March 17 to let people know - 6 days later they file..... - how utterly odd. The optics of that are that they waited, waited and then went down the admin/insolvency route. Unlikely the monies were ever there to redress.
  4. I'm just curious as to why the 34 million redress package was even agreed with the FCA, in the absence of any reasonableness that they'd be able to honour it.
  5. Got it as well - into administration at virtually the start of the new tax year: all that talk about redress and now there's nay money in the pot! Bye bye 125.50
  6. Hi, Incase of any interest, it looks like Vivus aren't accepting anymore loans. They were underwritten/owned by 4 Finance but V7 took over I think a few years ago.
  7. Know it may be in the wrong place but it appears that Vivus aren't offering any loans anymore - another one gone?
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