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  1. yeah just want rid of the car now, possibly I would fix the heat shield and nothing else goes wrong but my optimism has gone since that came off.
  2. ok cheers I think I need to send a letter to dvla but I don't know, i'm assuming they are wanting to keep the £25 as that is the cost of a new v5c? In case I don't send it back I suppose
  3. hammy : ) so to update I paid for the clutch myself reasoning if that was all was wrong with it It would just be one of those things. couple of days later and a heat shield has corroded off the bottom of the car. That was it for me I want my money back and told the dealer so. The dealer has agreed to refund the money, barring £25 which he says he will give me when I receive the reg docs ( only bought the car 3 weks ago) and send them back...? Since I won't be able to swap any docs back over, will I still be responsible for the car after I cancel insurance? Just wonde
  4. yeah I know next to nothing about cars to be honest I did google checking a clutch on a used car before I bought it and the clutch doesn;t/didn;t have a noticeably high biting point and didn;t notice any slipping in revs when I test drove it. I was concentrating on the road in a busy area though and gear changes felt fine, the car and clutch felt smooth and quiet but there could have been revs slipping that I didn;t notice. ok cheers that's probably what I will do just to let him know I won't let him fob me off possibly something will be done about it. my
  5. cheers guys and it was bought with cash. I have an invoice with a note on it * 1 month engine and gearbox warranty only. I asked about extra warranty before I paid for it which was £100 for 3 months and included most things including the clutch. I probably would have bought the warranty for the peace of mind but I was already stretching at £1495
  6. Thanks johnjordan I didn't know you could check the mot online. the mot failed the same day but only for both headlamps beam aiming too high. it then passed with no advisories. I wish I had taken a photo of the ad as it said it had been serviced. I guess you never really know when you buy a 2nd hand car but for the clutch to need replacing after a few days it must have been know to either the dealer or the service centre that it was worn out. the dealer was walmersley trade centre in bury if anyone has had dealt with them.
  7. Hello, probably been asked 100s of times but what are the chances i can get the garage I bought the car from to replace a clutch kit in the following circumstances: Bought a Nissan almera £1495 from a garage 3/8/16. Car started over revving when accelerating in 3rd gear... 6/8/16. 3 days after purchase. Problem quickly worsened and had been over revving in 3rd to 5th constantly. Car has been checked today 22/8/16 , less than 3 weeks since bought, done less than 300 miles and needs a new clutch kit £305. The front brake is also stuck on and i'm waiting to hear how
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