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  1. I received a Penalty letter of £100 from NHSBSA all because my dentist registration lady misled me into believing that I was entitled to free dental treatment. I have gone through Stage 1 & 2 complaints procedure to no avail. Now, they have said I can go on to the Ombudsman if I am still not happy. My argument is - I was told I was entitled to free dental because I showed the lady my NHS Medical Exemption Card and asked if being diabetic, was I entitled to free dental as well? The lady said yes I was and asked me to sign the FP17FR form. I signed but didn't tick a
  2. Hi, Just wondering if they finally took you to court or did you appeal to the ombudsman please?
  3. Hi Old Cogger, thanks for the interest. I did approach the owner of the Dental Surgery who was the Dentist as well - she said exactly what you'd said she would - that it was my responsibility - there were signs all over the reception - but the point is, I've not been to the dentist for years...probably 10 years. And when I went in, I showed my card and the rreceptionist said, ah, you're entitled to free dental treatment - sign this form - so I signed. Didn't tick or even date the form. That was in Nov 2017. Then I had to go in for another check up 6 months later - and I did - and once again, n
  4. I am a similar threat over my head - in my case, the Dental Surgery made the mistake of informing me that I was entitled to free dental treatment. So, just wondering if anyone managed to get their penalty waived or if you keep refusing to pay, what happens then?
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