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  1. I'll let you know. Yes its been a few years since they rolled this out, 2009 I think, so there should be some court cases. Mine is already at the top level of fine increases (twice) and they say court is their next option. What, small claims court? Sure if you laugh in their faces and admit you lied on purpose, looks like you could be in trouble. If I shuffle into court there with me gammy leg saying the chemist said it would be fine there's always a Judge who will make their own mind up and say its unfair for some reason, and the NHS can't afford to take that chance. Not for £150. What are court costs, another couple of hundred? Then you can pay them all back at £2 a week (if memory serves from the last time, about 30 years ago). It's worth a shot at this point. edit - its a CCJ against you I suppose. But let me see these people the NHS have taken to court because they trusted their chemists advice, where are they? x
  2. I've appealed twice, they won't budge. It is your responsibility to know your eligibility and to read the form you sign the bottom of, and that's it as far as they're concerned. Some people that were on outdated NHS Exemption cards have had some success I read, but that's not me, I am on a very low income. (And I know I can get help with NHS costs on a low income - well I don't qualify there either.)
  3. And I think they may well do - because they have issued tens of thousands of these, with many many people online saying they can't afford to pay/won't pay, even a few news stories, an old guy in the local paper saying he will fight them in court. But I can't find anyone saying they went to court and lost. Or were taken to court. Like a lot of companies (I realise it's the NHS/Govt not a company) they can say they will take you to court as a scare tactic, but may not do that. I am not looking to appeal, I am not looking to write to my MP, I want to see if they will take me to court for these punitive fines which are still a tiny amount of money to take someone to court for. If anyone can find one story of someone being actually taken to court, getting a CCJ etc, I'll be amazed. Thanks.
  4. I face a massive fine I can't pay because I ticked the box on my prescription saying I was eligible for free prescriptions. This is because I am on working tax credit I asked the chemist if this meant I got free prescriptions (I was on benefits years ago, i forgot how it works with prescriptions). He said yes, and I ticked the box and got my fee prescription. Then I got a letter saying I was being fined (including what my prescriptions should have cost) £139. I realise, having tried to appeal unsuccessfully, that the onus is one me to read the form and know if I am eligible or not. Fair enough (not really as I've read a lot of accounts of this happening and by now chemists, dental nurses etc, should have been told that they shouldn't falsely tell someone they will be free, they should either have the right information or be told 'read the form, I cannot tell you, and if you get it wrong they'll fine you £100+) but the fine is so excessive I can't pay and feel it is unfair and don't want to pay. You can tell me I am in the wrong if you like, and should pay. But my question is has anyone actually been taken to court to recover the money? I've looked around the internet and can't find anyone who has. So what if I just don't pay, what will happen? Thanks.
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