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Found 7 results

  1. Hey, A friend of mine went to a TKMAXX store earlier and got the label of a cheaper pair of shoes and attached it to a more expensive pair of shoes and managed to get away with it on the til and left the store. This friend of mine is now extremely paranoid and he said he would like to return the product to the shop but fears of getting prosecuted. I would like some advice to give my friend as this person is extremely distressed right now.
  2. I put another sticker on top of a house ornament at tkmaxx then got that and a couple of other correctly priced items to the till. Assistant noticed and removed said sticker I paid correct price for all and left They did not say anything to me at all but kept the other sticker and were eyeing up their colleague Will they review cctv and I get in trouble? What could happen please help I will go to another branch and return everything later. I am quite panicking. Again I paid all as I should. Please help Help me
  3. As in the title but here goes. Saturday I drove my car 200 miles down to Gloucester to do a deal with a chap that had a van that I wanted for work. In the eyes of we buy any car his van is worth £685 more than my car but we came to a deal that I would give him £1500 plus my car with 55,000 miles on the clock. Since owning that car I spent a small fortune having the clutch and dual mass flywheel done and full service and then also before we did the deal I had all the starter motor changed for a brand new unit, paintwork imperfections sorted as I told him I would and all the wheels refurbished. I went above and beyond to make sure the car was right as I am honest and also didn't want the deal to go pear shaped after travelling all that way. The guy also drove up around 150 miles from his address so we could meet half way so to speak and save one of us travelling too far. We both did checks and I did HPI checks for both vehicles etc.. we both had test drives checked all relevant documents and decided to do the deal. We both drove home and obviously both satisfied. Then today around 36 hours later he calls me to tell me the turbo had blown and oil was all over and he wants me to pay for it. I feel awful but at the same time I can't help but think I have already spent a lot of money on it and we have already done the swap and agreed to the deal. What if the van brakes down or anything happens today,tomorrow or next week I have taken that chance jut as he did. Where do I stand legally with this one? It was a private sale/swap and neither of us are traders or dealers. Many thanks in advance to anyone who can shed some light on this problem as I am losing sleep over it.
  4. First of all, I feel so ashamed of what I have done, I have developed a massive anxiety issue and am finding it hard to eat and sleep, let alone step foot on public transport. Im absolutely terrified of what might happen so any help will be truly appreciated. I graduated from University two years ago, although getting good grades I have struggled to find a job, I'm in massive debt and am still stuck in my overdraft. Despite this I plan on working and taking a masters so I can proceed with a career. Im also doing fundraising for charity which I love, and need to travel to other countries to complete my sponsorship. I know if I get a criminal conviction all this will end and my life will be over. Im so upset, please help me. So ill start from the beginning. My boyfriend has epilepsy and has a freedom pass which he never uses I started to borrow it about 5 months ago, although I didnt quite realise how bad it would be if I got caught. I also carried around a normal oyster card for the days when he would need it. I entered the underground and swiped his pass, when I got off the tube I was stopped by the officer, when he asked to see my card I then gave him the normal oyster. He said it was invalid, in minus credit and had not been used for several weeks. He took my details, card, where I got on the tube, and asked how I got on. I just said I walked through. I couldn't even understand what he was saying and had a full blown panic attack. I do suffer badly from asthma and did forget to take my medication in the morning which led to me feeling light headed and short of breath which really didnt help. I have now got a letter from TFL asking if I want to make any comment on the situation and that I could be summoned to court and face a criminal record. I have never done anything wrong in my entire life and always try to help others. I don't believe how stupid I have been and it now looks like I have destroyed my life by doing what seemed like such a small thing! Once again, Im so scared of what might happen and Im such an idiot! Please help me x
  5. Rachel Dolezal, the American civil rights activist who claimed to be black despite having white parents, has finally spoken out. Even though she grew up with blonde hair and freckles, she says she ‘identifies’ as black, and from the age of five was ‘drawing self-portraits with the brown crayon instead of the peach’. How odd that many of the people who have so vociferously criticised her are the same people who champion the rights of transgender people to ‘self-identify’ as whatever sex they choose, and insist we respect this. If we are going to allow people to pick their gender, why can’t we do the same with race?
  6. Hello, I would like to share my bad experience for which i dont feel good and i feel very unpleasant. One week ago I went to a big chain and i changed the price tag in an item just to save 30 pounds. I changed the tag and went to the cashier and they informed me that the price was not correct which i accepted and left the item there. The total amount were 150pounds I left the shop at that point. After 2 hours i return to make a walk and not to buy the item. The security manager approached me and told me that i am banned from this store and i should leave the store. When he was next to me told me you know why right and i said sorry yes. i left the shop. He did not ask me for my details or anything personal and he did not refer anything about police. I am really sorry and i really thank this gentleman as he handle the situation with a really polite manner. He did not start shouting and put me in a very sad position. I really thank him. I did this mistake and i cant change it now. I wish i could do anything to change it. Do i have to worry about the police might try to track me through public cameras? I really cant sleep and my heart is beating fast all these days. Do i have to worry that i will be arrested? I do not have any intention to do this again or to visit the shop as i respect this gentleman and what i did was totally wrong. Will i be able to visit other stores around the centre? And last will there be any chance to pass any of cctv records to police and try to track me for this? Please tell me your opinion. Regards Michael
  7. Having lurked here for some time and I am currently discussing (by letter) an alleged debt with Arrow & Fredrickson I am interested in precisely what they must supply to comply with a CCA request. Do they have to supply statements going back to the beginning of the credit agreement? If not how far back - is the last issued statement sufficient. Must there be some documentary evidence of the last payment made? Do they have to prove who made that payment. ( I have read that some unscrupulous DCAs make payments to keep alive debts that would otherwise be Statute Barred). If the debt has been 'bought' do they have to provide anything other than a statement of fact. I believe the actual transfer deed showing the price paid is confidential but must they supply a copy of it (wuth the appropriate parts redacted) I hope this is not a too detailed request for a first post.
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