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  1. Thanks for your advice. Yes, unfortunately it was a phone call I made to them, as I do all such transactions. I may have to get more than a date, time and a name in future to prove my case. Shame really... I received no correspondance from them regarding my renewal. because it wasn't sent! Its obvious really... They wouldn't continue to avoid me as they still are, if they had a record of a sent letter, a phone call or even an email. Right now my paranoid side imagines they are consulting their legal team to fabricate a suitable tactic to avoid the consequences of admitting their abhorent
  2. Thats all been sent with copies of previous emails. My Name is [removed] in the email so you know who I am.
  3. I purchased Hastings direct cover a year ago and made it clear that they are not to auto-renew my policy because I always compare quotes. I had this confirmed by a telephone call so I was happy. I have noticed that without any prior correspondance in any form whatsoever, Hastings direct withdrew a very substantial amount (way over the going rate) from my account and have sent a token email after the event to an old email address I no longer use regularly. I have now sent them 5 emails asking for an explanation as to why they went against my specific instructions never to take money
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