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    Faulty LG TV

    The warranty that any item comes with generally is not worth the paper it's written on. That is to say that for example a TV that comes with a 12 month warranty that goes wrong after that period should still be repaired, the length of time after purchase of course is up for debate. As luck would have it Trading Standards have put together a document on this quoting the expected life of many items, a TV I think is five years (but don't quote me) so this would make the extra cover they like you to take out at the shop is just money in the bank to them. But a TV only one month over the warranty that was refused repair would defiantly get Trading Standards interest, depending on fault of course, tiddles the cat doing his thing on it might not get their interest in the same way as it just going bang with no outside help.
  2. Hi all new to this site, hope I can be a useful addition to the group
  3. Many thanks ... NatWest Monday morning here we go. Russ
  4. Hi all my daughter & her husband have just come back from Italy, they hired a car for the few days on holiday no problems, however, when they returned the car the hire company did not check the car because the employee was the only one in the office and could not leave the office so he just took my daughters word that all was good. Well all must have been good because a few days later the £300 (i think) deposit was returned to her bank account ... good. But, a few days after that two charges were made by the hire company (locauto) via her card number that they had from the booking to her account totalling £450.00 No notification was made to her about the charges and she did not authorise them, her bank NatWest do not want to know however they did say it was not fraud??? even though she did not give permission. Any thoughts or actions we can take would be very much appreciated. Looking ahead for when anyone else pays for something via card how do you stop the company just taking money via that card number whenever they like? I know they have the security number on the back but they can still take money. Please advice would be very welcome. Russ
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