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  1. Hello again, I have eventually received info from Britannia bank. The checks they made with my aunt, were to phone her on 3 occasions and said that she knew her telephone number, her DOB, knew the balance of her account and that the caller recognised her accent. Considering that my aunt had very severe alzheimers for over 10 years, didn't even know what year it was, she was not capable of giving permission to access her account. They have verified that 3 cheqes totalling £17,000 were written to National Savings.(Bonds) They were deposited with National Savings in the name of my father and no
  2. I sent a reply earlier on my mobile but it doesn't seem to have materialised? I wrote the letter this morning to the Bank re SAR and will post by recorded delivery today. I'll keep in touch. BTW I made a donation ut hopefully a much bigger one if I receive compensation from the bank...here's hoping:madgrin:
  3. Hi Andy, Yes I am beneficiary and sole executive to both estates. Although co-op bank wouldn't tell me who had withdrawn the money, what has happened is that after seeing both bank statements it was clear that monies had been transferred directly from my aunt's bank account to my father's. As to what I would intend to do with £75,000 I haven't thought that far. It should go to any beneficiaries of my aunt's estate, in theory and in practice I would have thought.
  4. No the cheque was cashed shortly before she died. I thought that and didn't accept the offer which was made via the ombudsman.
  5. Sorry, been looking up my paperwork. This is where I'd seen BCOBS The FOS said that the bank had agreed to pay me £150 so I guess that's a small admission that they did something wrong. I would have to find the appropriate docs for the complete reply. I'm not fazed by having to goto Court as I was adviser to the Judges for 14 years for family matters, but of course this is different and I'd like to get it right ...and not lose.! I had to cut out the reference but I found out about BCOBS on BBC news business-19511542 This forum won't let me post the link?
  6. That's really helpful thank you. I'll not bother with CAB and I've read about BCOBS previously which I will pursue. I'll be sure to send copies to my MP. haven't had sight of the cheques or the signatures but my aunt was so ill that she couldn't sign before she died and my father told me he withdrew forged her signature on a cheque for £13000 to pay her funeral and other expenses. BTW I paid for her funeral.
  7. That's an excellent idea Bankfodder. I hadn't even thought of that. There are many withdrawals of amounts under £10,000 and still money in my father's account which was withdrawn from my aunt's account and deposited in to his on the same day. My father's estate is due to be wound up soon, I am sole executor but not sole beneficiary. My solicitor told me to put a claim in to that estate. I don't know what you think because both the bank and my father are equally responsible.
  8. Thank you both for your helpful advice. I'm not familiar with SAR but have seen that its about the banks rules and regs. I will go to CAB tomorrow to see if I can get more info and help with SAR. And yes you're right in that my usually helpful solicitor just accepted what FOS had said. I know for sure that my aunt's signature was forged on the cheque she supposedly signed 4 days before she died, but the bank say it matched what they have on file...also forged of course because they weren't signed in front of anyone. I'll also write to Alan Campbell my local MP who is usually very helpful.
  9. My Aunt died aged 94 in hospital from Alzheimers which she had for over 10 years during which time she never left her home . I and my father,(her brother) cared for her. I was executor and it was apparent that over the past few years there had been withdrawals of large sums of money from her bank : £13,000 £5000 £6000 etc a total of £75,000 in 6 years. Her outgoings were very small, under £300 per month. I bought clothes, food etc. There was no POA. The bank refused to state who had withdrawn these amounts but when my father died aged 92 two years ago i
  10. All they wanted was me out of that house. I felt violated by the way they had treated me i had lost the lot. Ive gone bankrupt since and i have to admit the stress and worry has gone and love the feeling of being debt free again. Nram is a now a government agency and the way i was treated was terrible, i was under the impression the government were meant to help people keep their houses. I hope you get it all sorted but just watch them as they are certainly sly under handed and determined. There was an article some time ago that said that the bosses at nram were still promised their bonuses if
  11. Hi Marino, Did you make any progress with NRAM? I wouldn't hold your breath expecting any supposrt from the ombudsman. I'm in a similar position with a 'buy to let' and NRAM ignored my letters completely then involved Templeton LPA receivers. Despite the fact that I paid the arrears in November they have evicted the tenants, changed the locks and failed to tell me because they sent my post to the tenants address plus disclosed all of my personal details to the tenant, including my home address, DOB, amount of mortgage originally taken and amount of arrears. The ombudsman has awarded me £100
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