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  1. armadillo71 This is the pdf of the photos which I meant to upload, I'm not sure where I went wrong when uploading it previously .. this one has the registration etc disguised. However it is only of historical interest since I have sent in my appeal.
  2. I have done the appeal online, on the grounds that the PCN is invalid because it was dated and sent after the statutory period. I said it was harassment to sent such an invoice when it is is not valid. I also added that there were no visible notices, and that they can check that on Google Earth if they wish. I asked them to send me a POPLA if they reject my appeal. As suggested, I took screen prints as I went along, and informed them of that. I will keep you informed of what happens ... Thank you again for your help.
  3. Thank you, I removed them from the JPEG. but hadn't realised I had not done so from the .pdf. I have deleted the photos with the reg number on them. I had disguised the bar codes by cut and pasting different bits across them so they aren't real.
  4. [ATTACH=CONFIG]54755[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]54756[/ATTACH] My graphics package doesn't save in .pdf, so I have had to cut and paste into Word, with loss of definition. I have re-scanned just the two photos and attached them as .pdfs too.
  5. I see what you mean about the photos, unless the two cameras are linked to the same time clock, there is no proof that they indicate how long the car was there? I have attached a scan of the PCN with the identifiers removed.
  6. The time parked ... I'm not sure of what you are asking? I simplified the question by not putting the seconds in .. the photos actually show 19:05:34 until 23:09:33 I received the PCN on 04/12/2014.
  7. We parked in Asda car-park in Brighton Marina from 19:05 hours until 23:09 on 17/11/2014 as clearly shown in the PCN photos of our number plate. We have we received a PCN from Smart Parking dated 02/12/2014. I understand that the PCN has to be sent by the 12th day in order to be valid. My question is, is this 12 working days or 12 days? And .. where do I find that information please? Incidentally, neither of us saw any signs indicating that parking was time-limited. I have looked at Google Earth, and you can drive in without seeing any signs. You successfully helped me get a PCN
  8. I won my appeal against ParkingEye for a PCN in the car park at Hove near Wickes and Staples. See http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?411342-No-notice-at-entrance-to-ParkingEye-Car-park THANK YOU to all who helped me get this right. ParkingEye didn't even present evidence ! Jess
  9. Thank you so much to all who helped .. I WON THE APPEAL TO POPLA This what the Assessor wrote :- It is the Appellant’s case that the parking charge notice was issued incorrectly. The Operator has not produced a copy of the parking charge notice, nor any evidence to show a breach of the conditions of parking occurred, nor any evidence that shows what the conditions of parking, in fact, were. Accordingly I have no option but to allow the appeal. . The actual text I used in the end to Popla (altered slightly to make it make sense as it stands ) was :- Background. T
  10. I rang POPLA and they said the verification is valid even though I had tried to use it in two different browsers, so she said to send the information by email, which I have just done in .pdf form. THANK YOU so much everyone for your help, :-) I will let you know when I hear anything.
  11. ParkingEye have sent me an invalid verification code .. what do I do now? Should this be a new thread?
  12. Thank you for all the help given here, especially from ericsbrother From all that I have been told/found out, I have put together a submission to POPLA, please could you cast your eye over it for me to make sure there are no howlers? The fig numbers are not the same as those I have uploaded here, so ignore them, as it's the wording I want to check? Thank you! Reasons for appeal. Background. The car park is one of three near some stores. Fig 01 There are signs at the entrance to two of the car parks but none in the car park we used. Fig 02 The car-park we used has a re-cycling centr
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