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  1. Lantern DRS Limited (Formerly MMF) Date of issue – 11 JUN 2018. Date of issue 11 + 19 days ( 5 day for service + 14 days to acknowledge) = 29 Jun 2018 + 14 days to submit defence = 13 Jul 2018 (33 days in total) Particulars of Claim What is the claim for – the reason they have issued the claim? 1.the defendant owes the claimant £550.00 under a regulated loan agreement with cfo lending ltd dated 02/08/2013 which was assigned to the claimant on 25/08/2017 and notice of which was given to the defendant on the 25/08/2017 (debt). 2.despite the formal depend for
  2. Gone into administration. When the FCA banned them from operating as a Payday Lender, they also ordered CFO to redress customers who had been unfairly treated. Today, they have gone into administration, with emails from the administrator stating the actual figure owed to the individuals, but it won't be paid.
  3. The amount that CFO were claiming was £940 - Motormile are now claiming £32.67. I probably will pay this to bring the matter to a close. OUR REFERENCE: M4591793 CURRENT OUTSTANDING BALANCE: £32.67 Welcome to Motormile Finance UK Limited (MMF). Dear xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx We write to inform you the CFO Lending Limited was placed into administration on the 6th of April 2017. Paul Boyle and David Clements of Harrisons Business Recovery and Insolvency Limited, were appointed joint administrators and your CFO account 223644 has now been sold to Motormile Finance UK Limited (
  4. At last, CFO Lending (Capital Finance One) have had their comeuppance This is fantastic news and I am so happy that possibly the worst of all the lenders have been put to rights FCA Article here: https://www.fca.org.uk/news/press-releases/payday-firm-cfo-lending-pay-34-million-redress
  5. i have had a couple of old PDL's and these have just resurfaced texts/emails. History is.. Last payment 20th December 2012. 17/12/12 - i asked about rolling over (ignored and went into default) 24/1/13 - called and emailed and asked to come to a repayment plan 25/1/13 - email received offering me 'resolve' with more money - never took but emailed and asked to come to arrangement - but again ignored. 28/1/13 - another 'resolve' email and i replied asking not to do this but come to arrangements - ignored again. all quiet.. 11/7/13 - offered resolve again. I emailed
  6. You are due redress because CFO Lending did not treat you fairly in the past. Your redress will be in the form of a reduction to the balance you owe CFO. Your account balance has been adjusted to reflect this redress amount. Please read this letter carefully. It contains further information about why this redress is due and how this affects you. In most cases, you do not need to do anything. Dear blah blah Why are we writing to you? We are writing to you because you either currently hold an account with either CFO Lending or one of its trading names [Capital Finance One] and you
  7. So as the title say can they refuse permission? Do I need their permission? It's regarding a loan I took out in 2011. At the time I had already been using payday loans since Oct 2011 several times a month with several different companies, rollovers, same day borrowing, several on the go from different companies and at the time I took out the loan I already had loans outstanding with 6 other payday loan companies and it far outstripped my income leading to a default on the all in April 2011. I contact CFO 2 weeks before repayment and they refused a repayment plan telling me that they
  8. Ok, CFO lending have just responded to my complaint and said they basically agree they lent to me irresponsibly and were too harsh with collections. They have offered to half my balance from 2k to 1k - removing interest. Now they were my worst lender, I rolled over loans with them non stop for months, years. They lent to me even with a DRO. They did no checks at all and were horrificly harrassful. I paid them zillions in interest and charges, and then they offered me CFO resolve, MORE credit after a year of defaulting which TRIPLED my balance with them. I think I should ta
  9. I received a text message today from CFO, which said they had contacted my employers regarding a debt with them. I was furious and called them straight away, what happened next beggers belief.. I spoke with an advisor and said I did not want any calls to my employer and to contact me by mail only, he said " we will continue to call your employer until you pay us what you owe us, no matter how many requests you put in. I will call them ten times tomorrow " and then hung up on me, furious I called back, spoke to another advisor who said that I could contact
  10. Hi, I'm new to this so hope it's directed to the correct place. I have had a Guarantor Loan for 6 months with CFO Lending but due to unforeseen circumstances, I have now gone into a DMP with Step Change. I contacted CFO by various methods to explain the situation and asked them to remove the CPA. My bank have since re-deposited 2 payments that they have tried to take. I took a call from them early in August and explained my situation and explained that Step Change as informed me that if I could pay the difference between the DMP payment and my normal payment, out o
  11. Who can I report this text message to? Received this (word for word with the mistakes in the message at the end) We failed to contact you on residential numbers provided. We have no alternative but to call you on work numbers provided to,call 02080451382 to discuss No way do I want them to contact my work number and I think this message is designed to be intimidating :mad2:
  12. I took a payday loan from Capital Finance One Ltd in July 2011. The loan was £200 and the total repayment was agreed at £278. I did not wish to pay £15 for same day 'faster payment' so the loan finally credited my account 2 days after being issued. The loan was issued on 4th July 2011 and I initially agreed to repay on 29th July 2011 when my salary was paid. On 21st July 2011, I emailed CFO to ask to change the repayment date from 29th July to 4th August 2011. I explained that I had paid interest for a full month and repayment on 4th August 2011 would, therefo
  13. I am currently struggling with CFO, I got into a mess a while back and have gone through step change for advice. The only problem I have had is with CFO who just don't want to listen I have been making payments by standing order regardless but they keep saying I have made no contact which I have. I am in the process of drafting a complaint to them as the other day one of their staff informed me that even though I have moved banks they can track down my new account and take money! This would be fraud and is incorrect but the main problem I have had is actually getting them to state how mu
  14. Hello I took out a loan with CFO years ago but had problems paying them back. After a while, they stopped trying to take payments but, a year ago after quite some time, they decided to take money from me again of £120. Ive had nothing taken from them since till 2 days ago where they took £32. and this morning they took £86 and £28 and tried to take a further £72 but the £72 failed as I didn't have enough money left for them to take Just called the bank. I asked about a charge back but the person I was speaking about, kinda ignored my question and she
  15. Hi, I recently contacted CFO Lending with regard to a total outstanding debt of £800 that i am struggling to repay. They have offered to let me pay the debt off over a period of four months which initailly i was pleased with. However these payments are still too high for me to afford and I think there may be a way for me to dispute these high payments? Does anyone have any experience of dealing with CFO Lending or any other options available to me? I am prepared to pay off the debt but only at comfortable payments that i can afford. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you!
  16. Yes ladies and gents, it's our good friends at minicredit again! Stupidly, I have 5 PDL's, and have managed to get an agreement for a repayment plan on Txtloan's and 1monthloan's so far. Sent several emails to CF1 and WDA, WDA want my last month's bank statement.. rather not.. Anyway, to the point. I borrowed "£100" from them (turned out to be £80.50.. sound familiar), rolled it over twice at a cost of £34 a time plus a ridiculous £5.50 fee until my card was blocked by my bank as these people have been trying to raid my account daily. They whacked £25 on top and the block couldn't be
  17. I made the big mistake of taking out a Payday Loan last July for £600 in total from CFO. After repayment difficulty I have received a letter telling me the outstanding balance is now £1700+. How do I get the interest frozen and get a payment plan setup for these people?
  18. Hi i stupidly got a pay day loan with capital finance one sometime ago and could not afford to pay it back after a couple of roll-overs so i cancelled my card which stopped them taking the money Now the number is used to get a code to enter on the contract i have now sold and just received a call from the person telling me a Gemma from capital finance one had called wanting to speak to me and when he asked what it as for she went and told him that it was for a loan etc can they discuss that with him? Also she then went on to tell him that they are going to report me to the fraud dep
  19. Hi, long story short on here, i took out a loan with CFO back in September. I realised that i couldn't afford this so set about a repayment plan, eventually sourcing one with them (with much pain!) Since then i have been continually sent various text messages and emails from them. 1. Offering me more money!! 2. Threatening me with phone calls to my office and home (even though i have arranged a plan!) 3. Offering me a CFO Resolve loan/ repayment plan( which obviously i already have) I'm not sure the best course of action here, i'd like to raise this to a higher level as this is i
  20. Hi all, Has anyone received any correspondence from CFO / Cashchoice regarding reducing payments to enable you to take a new loan? My brother has received the folllowing this week: CashChoice: Email CFO: Text Message & Email He has took the two loan's out with them back in 2010/2011 and did go through a Debt Management company but did not include these two due to misplacing all paperwork when moving from his partners. I got him to get his credit report and the only thing with a default is Cashchoice at the over inflated value quoted. with it increasing e
  21. Just got a text from CFO saying that they had taken 20.00 from my account. It has apparently been taken off the balance but a repayment plan is not in please therefore could i call them on their number to get one in place. Ive just checked my account and nothing had come out so just wondered if this is a tacticto get me to call them?
  22. Hi Guys Been a while since I have been on here and I currently have an outstanding loan with CFO which is capital 750 and interest around 270, so totals 1020. I have already been in a loop of paying off and taking it back out again, or rolling over interest - stupidly, I know. I have been scouring the net and indeed this forum for any hint of people getting success with a repayment plan for CFO - is this even possible?? I can afford to split the entire balance into 4 months, I can't afford to make it any shorter term than that. I am considering cancelling the CPA and advis
  23. Hi All, I am currently on a DMP wuth Stepchange and all but one creditor (CFO) have stopped contacting me. As it stands I owe CFO £512, on my DMP statement 3 payments have cleared and been sent to them. A couple of months into my DMP I recieved a text message from CFO saying "Good Morning, as you have failed to honor your agreement with CFO, all your numbers have been uploaded to be called re arrange a payment" I called them up and explained that I was on a DMP and they told me they had not recieved any literature. I called Stepchange and they sent out another letter.
  24. I had a loan from CFO for £510 in 2012 and due to financial problems I have used a search engine to look for a small payday loan last month. This referred me to CFO Lending so I cancelled the application. My monthly wages went into the bank today and CFO Lending have taken 14 payments as follows; 1 x £510 1 x £249.90 7 x £42.84 5 x £46.41 Total = £1291.83 I never gave CFO Lending the bank details for this account but after a number of calls to Lloyds Bank (my bank) and being advised to call them was told they took the bank card details from this new application (which I
  25. does cfo regularly report to the main cra`s
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