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  1. It states this under the value of what you were owed - Unfortunately, we do not currently envisage that there will be sufficient funds to enable the payment of a dividend in respect of your claim in these proceedings. We would, however, urge you to periodically review our website for updates in case that position changes.
  2. Gone into administration. When the FCA banned them from operating as a Payday Lender, they also ordered CFO to redress customers who had been unfairly treated. Today, they have gone into administration, with emails from the administrator stating the actual figure owed to the individuals, but it won't be paid.
  3. Santander are the same for a DIP. No full credit search until you actually apply
  4. Thanks Stigman, i'll leave it then and hold out to see if anything does turn up. I have queried/complained to the ICO with regards to the date of default Cheers
  5. Hi Stigman, Thanks, much appreciated. No claim forms, they are just trying for the money. I will now send them a statute barred template Cheers
  6. Hi Guys, I'd be interested for your thoughts and advice on this. I was recently contacted by Lowell with regards to a very old Littlewoods account. I CCA'd them, and they were able to provide a signed CCA from 2007. Here is the interesting/confusing bit- Outstanding Balance - £183 Last Payment - 10.05.2010 Default Date - 11.04.2011 It seems it had taken Littlewoods 11 months to default the account (there was no contact between myself or them in that time frame). Would I have a leg to stand on by going down the statute barred route from the last payment date? Cheers
  7. Taken out 2008 It's not even a recon. It looks like they have got their hands on a standard template and are attempting to pass it off as 'my' agreement......minus any information regarding me!
  8. Balance of £450 with Mint. Almost statute barred. The CCA i received is a mint CCA, however, the name and address are completley blank and the credit limit is also incorrect. As for a signature, or even an online signature, there is nothing, it's completely blank other than the T's and C's in between the blank personal info section and the blank signature section
  9. Hi guys, I CCA'd Lowells about a credit card I had in 2010. I received a response from them, however, the name and address entries are blank and the credit limit is incorrect. There is literally no personal information held about me. So, as this is clearly an attempt at using a correct CCA, assuming i'm stupid, what's my response? Cheers
  10. Certainly will. It's an interesting one. Judging by the internet, they seem to have bought a load of almost SB Cap1 debts recently and are gunning for it
  11. You're probably right. Would only bring more letter tennis on. I'll leave it at that and see if anything turns up in the coming weeks
  12. I'm considering sending a response to it, something i've seen on here: I refer to a letter from Cabot dated xx.xx.xxxx., in which it is stated that Cabot hopes to comply with my sections 77/78 request made under CCA 1974. Please take not Cabot WILL comply with my lawful request within the statutory time scale of 12 + 2 working days failure to do so WILL result in a copy of Cabots letter being forwarded to the OFT/FCA, and a comment on Cabots conduct in trying to mislead me in to believing the time scale is 40 days which I am well aware applies to a Subject access requesticon Under the DPA 1998.
  13. CCA response received. They don't have it on file and have requested the original from the OC. Stated that they have 40 days to provide it. Isn't it a bit misleading for them to quote the allowance for a SAR request, and not a CCA?
  14. What was included on this piece of paper? I'm also pretty sure for a CCA to stand they need to send the T&C's at the time of inception and the T&C's at the time of the request
  15. Will do, it'll go out the door tomorrow. Thanks for your help people, much appreciated
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