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Found 15 results

  1. Sca mmers have been sending out a host of fake vouchers, purporting to be from some of the nation's favourite supermarkets and high street stores. These fake voucher promotions have been popping up all over Facebook, Twitter and the rest. You will be led through some questions to get your voucher and you will have to supply your mobile number and your address – ostensibly so your “prize” can be sent out. In reality, your phone will be hit by premium rate calls costing up to £5 each https://www.lovemoney.com/news/26495/dont-fall-for-this-supermarket-voucher-[problem]
  2. Hi, I'm not sure if I'm in the right place, or if anyone can help, but it never hurts to ask.... please I emailed a company with expired experience vouchers (by 17 days) explaining my situation, which is: My Mum bought me a sky diving experience and zorbing for 2 for my 'special' birthday (end of April 15). She bought them early April 2015, it's all a little vague as a family friend helped her as she isn't very confident with the internet. On April 12th, I fell very, very ill. I missed my birthday, and more things than I can count since. I've been in a
  3. I bought a pair of boots from Littlewoods in December and use a £30 discount code. They did not fit and were immediately returned. They're now charging me for the value of the discount code even though I didn't keep the item. The customer service told me I'm required to pay for the 'broken discount code' (whatever that means as I didn't break any code!!) Perhaps she meant breaking a contract but I assume one is entitled to return online good without penalty. So can anyone enlighten me regarding this issue as I can't understand what is going on and how I'll paying £30 for trying a pair of shoes
  4. I qualify for a NHS glassses voucher and specsavers sent me a £40 off glasses voucher with their catalogue. Does anyone know if I can use this specsavers voucher with my NHS free glasses voucher? It says 'cannot be used with other offers', but I would argue the NHS voucher is not a special offer. Has anyone had experience with this? Thanks
  5. Just received a energy credit voucher for £12.00 and states that I need to show ID to the retailer for this to be added to account. I am some what uncomfortable in producing ID to a 3rd party on the high street confirming any personal details. What do others think ?
  6. I have claimed for my lost engagement ring thru direct line insurance and have filled in all the relevent paperwork and paid £200 excess. They passed me over to their jewelry assessor a company called LMG. They have in turn asked for more information including a photo if possible of the ring - which again I have supplied. They have now given me a valuation and 3 options which are - 1 a voucher for the valution for the Signet group which are H Samuel, Ernest Jones or Leslie Davis or 2 - a remake of the ring by one of their personal jewellers or 3 the cash equivalent but
  7. Consumers who cannot afford their energy bills are set to receive free vouchers for gas and electricity at so-called ‘fuel banks’. Energy giant Npower is planning to offer millions of pounds worth of free energy to claimants around the country in much the same way food banks give out emergency food parcels or supermarket vouchers. Npower has been working with food bank charity the Trussell Trust on its plans, which could see vouchers equivalent to two weeks’ worth of gas and electricity handed out a maximum of three times a year to those in need. The plans are due to
  8. Hi, I took back some items after Christmas with gift receipts, and was given a credit voucher in early Jan. I then spent some of the credit voucher that day and received another credit voucher in change. I wasn't feeling well that day, and probably shouldn't have been shopping, but I did, and obviously wasn't thinking straight because, it later transpired that I had the receipts from the two transactions but no credit voucher. I went yesterday in store and fully expected them to be able to track and trace the credit voucher via the receipt and replace it. At the time I was u
  9. I was in a hurry and genuinely scratched out the wrong number on a parking voucher in error. (I work for the NHS and was ruinning late for an urgent appointment!) I scratched 13:30 instead of 13:00. The fine was issued at 13:15. It was issued in the London borough of Richmond. Any hope of winning an appeal?
  10. I'm going on a train journey on Saturday morning and trying to save money bought a redspottedhanky voucher on amazon which gave me £16 towards a train journey for £8. I've just tried to book and hadn't realised that the voucher is meant to take 72 hours before you can use it. That is about 5 hours AFTER I'm due to travel. I phoned RSH and they said they can't do anything to make it available sooner and it's rare for them to be available sooner. Does anyone have any experience of this company and if there's any likelihood of it being available sooner?
  11. In December 2012 my Mum entered a competition on a local radio station. She won a voucher worth £20.00 for a local restaurant and two bottles of wine. Thinking this was a lovely present idea, she then purchased 2 gift vouchers as Christmas presents in 2012 for £20.00 each along with 4 bottles of wine to package 2 in with each voucher. She gave these as christmas presents to myself and my siblings to use with our partners. As you can see in the picture there is no 'Voucher Expiry' date etc. When my brother called to use his in FEBRUARY he was told the restaurant would no longer h
  12. I bought a Groupon voucher to use at a online store before the 25th. On the 24th night I tried to use the voucher to make a purchase and it didn't go through. I can prove that I tried as I set up a new account with that merchant at around 1030pm and the voucher failed at check out. Groupon is now saying that since the voucher is expired they can't do anything about it. It wasn't a big amount, only £20 but the principle is bigger here. How can they give me a voucher that does not work and then say they can't do anything? What are my Legal rights and how should I approach this as a f
  13. Hi hoping someone can help. I bought a pay & go mobile phone on o2 shop online and part of the deal was a £20 Argos voucher. It took a month and several phone calls to actually get the voucher and then when I tried to spend it I was told by Argos that it was part of a batch which had been re-called by o2 and I'd need a new voucher with a different code. I spoke to customer relations and they said just to use the chat on o2 priority and they could sort it no problem. Long story short this was beginning of December and despite several phone calls and a 3hour onl
  14. I purchased a lawn mower on line earlier this year and on line you offered me an opportunity to get £15 off my next purchase. I didnt read it very well but that conned me out of £10 which I was very angry about but now I find I have been paying Completesave £10 a month ever since, now £40. For that reason I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER ITEM EVER FROM ARGOS as you miss lead me when I was buying something from you who until then Trusted.
  15. Hello, I have acquired a promotional voucher to enable me to free activiation and a free set top box from BT Vision, As i am already a bt customer i decided to ring BT, They say the voucher is not valid and expired back in 2007, There is no clear expiry date on the voucher, I have made a formal complaint which is being looked into, But they keep referring to the txt on the back of the packet which i will attatch here By jakemuk at 2012-06-07 Can i have some advice on this Thanks
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