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  1. Hi everyone, I'm looking for some advice on an account with Honour Student Loans please. It's a little complicated and, yes, largely my fault, but any advice would be appreciated. I look at small ( This year I decided to enroll on a degree with Open Uni, starting with an Access course this year and moving onto the actual degree next September. It was during setting this up that I realised that I still had this loan, and that it had been passed to Honour Student Loans. I'm afraid my dealings with them have been far from satisfactory... They're telling me I owe over £1
  2. Hello all, I'm enquiring for a family friend who is concerned about insurance. Whilst I cannot go into specific details of their situation as it is not my place, I am trying to find out the following: Is it possible for a van on a commercial insurance policy to be combined with a car on a standard domestic policy? It is my understanding that these should be separate but I'm having problems confirming this. I have serious concerns that the policy will be invalid but I need to confirm this. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou in advance. EE
  3. Not as yet, although I've been told that in my area 2 payments have been triggered and was informed this morning that they would be paid "within the next 14 working days".
  4. Update: Had a letter from Advantage Finance last week, 2 pages of them denying any wrongdoing whatsoever and saying that the car was repossessed correctly and the PPI was sold correctly. Then, on the 3rd page, as a "gesture of goodwill" offered me a refund of the PPI from the beginning of the agreement! So, they've offered me that, but state that it will not be refunded directly to me but will be used to pay towards what's left on the account. They're also trying to state I still owe more than I have calculated. I've also heard nothing about the SAR, despite this being sent a few
  5. Update: Just spoken to Consumer Direct who were very interested to hear the car was taken even though over a third has been paid, and are passing the details to Trading Standards. Advised very strongly to go to CAB which I will be doing tomorrow morning (weather permitting).
  6. I've been going through the paperwork and this is how it breaks down: Amount Of Credit: £2799 Interest: £1903.56 Acceptance Fee: £200 Total Amount Of Credit: £5102.56 (Note the mistake above) So, that's the Credit side. They've then added "Agreement for Optional Insurance", although they were very clear that it was not optional at the time of signing. Total Amount Of Credit: £2413.67 That includes: PPI £1163.67; Mechanical Breakdown Cover £595; GAP Finance Protection £495; Theft Protect £160. Interest on Above: £1641.37 Total Charge For PPI: £4055.04
  7. More intimidating. There was two of them - man and woman - and were extremely beligerent. I kicked off with Advantage on the phone, got the blah blahs, got upset and virtually threw the keys at the guy. Nothing was signed.
  8. Hi HadEnough, Thanks for the comment. And you're absolutely right, let me provide a little more information. Yes, a Default Notice and Termination Notice were both received. A VS (Voluntary Surrender) Form was never signed or offered. There was PPI that was not requested or wanted. Yes, there were default charges added. I have most, but not all the paperwork. Advantage have provided statements. I'm very worried about this, I am due to make another payment shortly and things are extremely tight. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Hello All, In October 2008 I passed my driving test and, stupidly, rushed out to look at cars so I could get on the road. At the time, I was in full time employment on a reasonable wage so figured it would be fine. I went for the first I really liked from a local garage, a little Vauxhall Corsa at £2799. I got finance through Advantage Finance. Sadly, a year later, I found myself off work due to a medical condition that re-emerged, something that has developed into a full blown disability which means I struggle to walk even a few metres and, as my job entailed being on my feet for
  10. It sounds like it was certainly backdated and I would suggest that you may well fall into the category of being on contribution-based ESA for over a year. If this is the case, then as I understand it you will be moved onto Income based ESA in April 2012.
  11. I'm not sure how they will look at your case. As I mentioned earlier, Income-based ESA is means tested, so I cannot be sure as to how they will look at your circumstances I'm afraid.
  12. I'd certainly query that. You need to know how long they are counting that you have been on contribution-based ESA, and therefore how long you will be covered for.
  13. If your ESA was backdated to December 2009, then I am afraid you will be affected in April.
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