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Found 7 results

  1. hello have been self employed recently and have had my invoices deducted by 30% by the construction company thats paying me. How do i claim this back? Need the help please new to this so be gental with me ....
  2. Dear forum memebers thank you for stopping by to check out this thread . I left a company that i was working for sometime in June. I worked there as an engineer and had a van for works use. On my last day i handed my van back in same condition as received. We inspected the van and manager was even surprised that i washed it inside out and it was all good. We had a informal meeting with the company owners , they wished me all the best and that was that. 3 months later i received my final pay payslip and discovered that they made a deduction of £350 from my final pay . I emailed the company director and he said it was for van a damage. I replied via email that i was not aware of any damages to the van and it was illegal for them to deduct that money, to which he replied that van was damaged and its a fact , stating that apparently i claimed more hours vs the tracker and also that i left to there competitor even though my contract prevents me from doing so. This was the case! they tried to legally stop me , but could not which at the time they where really bitter about. 2 completely irrelevant arguments to my query imho. But he did point out that contract does allow for deductions in case of damages to works vehicle. However as mentioned the van was not damaged as they claim! At the time of accepting the van i did not sign any paperwork which stated the condition of the van as it was second hand and when i handed the van back they didn't inform me in any formal way of there intention of deducting £350 from my wages, nor did i sign anything stating in which condition i handed the van back to them. I phoned Acas for advice and they said to take them to small claims court as tribunal claim window is 2 months. So question is what do you think Gentlemen and Ladies should i pursue this further ? Thank for any input in advance
  3. Just downloaded my first payslip for my new ill-health pension of around £55 per week, less than £3000 pa, backdated for 6 months, and it shows tax deducted for the year so far of over £2000. They're apparently using tax code 1060L. I've basically been left with £547 for the whole year, barely worth the effort of claiming it and certainly not worth paying for in the first place. My only other taxable income is contribution-based ESA, support group, which is less than £6000 pa. Obviously I shouldn't be paying tax at all, which the pension payer has no way of knowing, but even if I was paying at the highest rate, surely this is far too much or have the Tories started hammering pensioners as well now? Who do I contact to query this - the pension payer or HMRC? I currently do a self-assessment for tax (even though it always ends up as nil) because I have a property which I let, but not at a profit.
  4. I had a very bad experience recently. The car I had taken on rent suffered scratches on the doors. Over the weekend while the car was with me, I went to some garages and they told me that they could fix the dent and the fresh paint for 150 quid. I decided that it was best to report to Enterprise since you would prefer to get it done from your approved garages. The branch charged me £ 1000 excess and said that would take 3 weeks to settle invoices and refund the amount after deducting repair cost and other charges. Also, I was told that I would be shown the estimates for the cost of repair and that it would be a transparent process. The branch also gave me the number of the garage where it was to be sent for repair. I contacted the garage and they told me that the estimates were sent to Enterprise. While the garage told me that they can't disclose the amount, the Enterprise branch and Enterprise accidents claims department said that they havn't received the invoice. After 3 weeks when I again up their accident claims cell, they told me that the cost of repairs was over £900 and accounting for handling and other charges I was liable to pay about £ 1050 quid. That's a RIP-OFF. By my estimates and allowing enough margin to get it done from a enterprise class garage, all put together should not have crossed £ 250- 300. Extremely disappointed with the whole process. The lady on the phone told me that I could get a competitive quote and contest the claim. Now with the car repaired, how on earth can I get a competitive quote from other garages. A month after the overcharge, I am still awaiting repair charge details.
  5. hello everyone. I started a new job a few months ago (service technician). my contract states that I must repay all costs of training including any wages paid and expenses. the first three months were a trial/ probationary period. on my fist week they asked me if I would like to go on a manufacturer specific 3 day course. I said (I have the email) that this course would not be of any benefit to the company and I didn't want to do it. they said they wanted me to do it so I did. anyway within the three month period I decided to leave as I didn't like the job. my notice period was 1 month but the boss asked me to work longer and and also train up another engineer before I leave. I worked 6 weeks notice. now that I have gotten my pay check they have deducted 850pounds for training costs. (cost of course plus wages plus hostel plus expences) can anyone please inform me if they are correct in taking this money. despite the fact that it was a course I didn't want to do isn't it true that on probationary period that no obligations apply? any help I would really appreciate. thank you.
  6. Due to a car cutting me up then braking I swerved whilst braking and clipped an Audi TT this morning. The Audi suffered minor scuffs to the rear bumper whilst the bonnet of my 13 year old Scenic crumpled a few inches and the drivers head lamp cracked. The car that suddenly changed lanes and braked causing me to swerve did not stop. I assumed responsibility and called my insurer. I explained the situation and the contact centre call handler - who was very nice and calming - advised me that I should consider claiming on the car as a write off. "With the other guy claiming you may as well - whether you are liable for £10 or £1000 it won't make a difference and your premium will rise the same amount next time as there will be a mark against you" I said I didn't want to do this unless necessary as I was attached to it and it was a great runner. I could myself replace the bonnet and lights from a breakers. However, at lunch time I examined the car and found that what I thought was superficial damage was a little more involved and teh lights were pushed in. It was amazing that a tiny scuff on the Audi had resulted in my car looking like it had hit a wall. I called the number I was given to speak to the claims team. I was advised that an inspector would call out to me within 48 hours. To clarify I have only just swapped insurers and I pay monthly DD. After the call, I received an email along the lines of "What happens next?" This quoted paragraph worries me - should I withdraw the claim and simply repair the car myself? Payment - as soon as we agree settlement and the vehicle documents have been verified, payment will be sent by cheque by first class post. If you pay your premium by instalments the outstanding balance may be deducted. In addition if there is finance outstanding, settlement will be sent to the finance company directly with any remaining settlement sent to you.
  7. Basically the letting agents are trying to keep all the deposit (£800) because the old house has a few marks on the wall where sofas have been etc, 2 fag burns in the carpet (ok hands up to that one, but it's a cheap carpet which I've priced up as £200 fitted) and holes in the wall where curtains have been put up (apparently that's not allowed). We tried to wipe clean the walls but it was taking the paint off as it was obviously low quality. They won't let us look at what they're on about or get a quote to fix it which would be no where near that figure, maybe £300, and are threatening to go for the full quote amount of £1700 if we go to dispute. Any ideas? They want an answer off me today as they have someone moving in apparently and want to redecorate! Cheers Matt
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