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  1. Again I agree with you. As much as the doctors were helpful in trying to sort out what had happened, in hindsight I wish they’d kept it simple. There was no low blood sugar, all vitals were fine, ECG normal, etc. so really there was no test that proved anything certain. I am in the process of getting my car license reinstated this month so that will help my situation a bit. At least I can secure some other employment until I get my bus license back in September. I am very fortunate no one was injured, as I have read of incidents similar to mine (although not whilst driving a bus) whe
  2. Thank you BazzaS for the information. I do agree, there is some grey area. Here are a few more details... when I first reported to a nearby facility I was seen by a Nurse Practitioner, who checked my vital signs, which appeared normal, so he sent me on to Victoria A&E where more tests would be performed with heart monitor equipment not available at the first. So, the nurse from the first stated "vasovagal collapse" on the discharge sheet, while the second who was a Doctor, stated "hypoglycemia" on his discharge sheet. Please correct me if I'm mistaken but I understand that reaching a H
  3. I am very unhappy with the way I've been treated by DVLA. I had an incident in September 2012 where I fainted whilst driving on the job (bus) due to lack of food intake and overworked hours. No police citation was given, and no one was hurt. I was immediately taken to hospital and seen by a physician but by that time all signs were back to normal. It was explained that I had suffered a hypoglycaemic episode, also called a vasovagal collapse. I had not eaten that day and had been working excessive hours, and it was determined that this was the cause of the blackout. After taking some time
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