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  1. This is very unfair that i have been first of all put in this position but second of all if i wanted to be kept employed, i had to take this bullish behaviour by my manager
  2. i was wondering if any can help me. I was employed through an agency on a 12 month contract to company x. this commenced just under 3 months ago. i was happy and very hard working till i experienced bullying behaviour from my manager. This was increasing in severity - i have been called dumb, not given a lunch time, been shouted at, had the phone put down on me etc. When it escalated to the point i was in floods of tears from the shouting, i called the agency in tears. i had previously also reported the bullish behaviour to them. they called me for an investigation and sympathised and agreed that the behaviour was not professional and a right way to treat an employee and reported it to the companys hr. the next day i was called and said the company has decided to terminate my contract and i am now left without a job at christmas with only 1 weeks pay. It seems had i tolerated the behaviour i would have a job. this seems so unfair as i worked over and above my abilties and because i reported this behaviour, it is mme who is left without a job! i dont know how im going to pay my bills and christmas wont be christmas anymore as i did not forsee this and only rang when i couldnt take things anymore. id appreciate the advice. thankyou
  3. Thanks everyone for all your comments. Been amazing that you can get help like this.god bless
  4. Yea I've checked they have plenty of photos but just confused as to why the other car didn't have a parking ticket even though it was displaying a blue badge. Might have come after the warden went
  5. Yea that's exactly where I parked. So could I park there with a blue badge and it will be safe up until 4pm.
  6. Hi all. I parked within a parking bay opposite Birmingham city hospital, it was a 1 hour parking place. I am a blue badger holder and when I returned to my car I saw that I got a parking ticket. I thought blue badge holders could park up to three hours. Furthermore as stated I am a blue badge holder which means I am disabled and takes me long to get back to the car and on top of this I went to go see my sister who has only weeks to live as she has terminal cancer.do u think its worth challenging the parking ticket? I was only 20 mins over. There were other cars with blue badges on who hadn't received a parking ticket.
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