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  1. Great that is all i needed to know, im glad i came here first because i would of been all over the place with worry. Thanks so much.
  2. Ok thank you all, so im guessing my new payment day is now on a tuesday, god this is confusing. Thank you for the table 45002 that will come in handy.
  3. Thank you for that. Mine ends in 29 which is an even number? Odd thing is i have always been paid IB on a monday since i can remember. Also my last payment was 12 Aug 13 J********* DWP IB
  4. Ah i see, well then i have no idea when i get paid, its not gone in so its going to be another day next week?!. It has always been on a Monday, they ceased IB on the 14th and transferred me other to ESA. My question is, will ESA payments still be made on a Monday after the bank holiday as with incapacity..
  5. I am sure it'll stay Monday wouldn't it?
  6. No news is good news, i waited around 2 months and got a letter saying i was placed in the support group, try not to worry.
  7. Hello all, so as you know i passed and got into the support group and my first payment should be due on monday (my incapacity benefit was paid on mondays always) But i am now confused, with ESA do i get paid a different day or will it be Monday? obviously its bank holiday on monday so a payment should go in tomorrow? I keep checking my online banking but nothing has gone in... i wish they would tell me what day.
  8. Hello all just wanna say some things here. So i received my ESA questionnaire last month, i was worried and my mental health issues got a lot worse due to the worry and horror stories i read, just a little over a month later (yesterday morning) i received a decision and was put into the support group WITHOUT a medical we provided nothing to them only my story and contact details of my doctors. Now don't get me wrong i am grateful for the support but i can't help but feel terrible about it, i fill in a form and get it without an eye blink BUT someone who is terminally ill or seriously
  9. Thanks atalogg, my carer is my step mum but she knows nothing about my situation, ill only tell her when i have proved im controlling it if that makes sense, i got 2 ;etters from fredkrickon because i missed both payments but i got 1 letter saying they will give me a second chance to keep up with payments which i thought was nice, its getting better not worse, i emailed payplan and they should be calling on monday, thanks again and ill keep you updated!.
  10. Just got a letter from fredrickson, all of these debts so far have been sold to them! so my minicredit now stands at over 1000 pounds and im paying 60 pound per month i suppose this is a start!, i just know im going to struggle with money by the time i pay the money to them all.
  11. Never thought i would be doing this at this time but i just can't sleep with the worry of what tomorrow will bring and i hope someone could point me in the right direction. I got 1 payday loan because my friend told me about it and after finding out how easy it was i did it again and again but with other companies here is the breakdown. Wonga - 1200 pounds (paid about 30 pounds off i know its not a lot but its a start Minicredit 800 pounds (original loan 100 pounds) Peachy loans 400 pounds (original loan 100 pounds plus 15 interest) TXT Loans 2, 412 pounds (original loan 200
  12. Also just in case, would it be a good idea for me to put the money in my savings account that attached with my direct debit account? cause i assume they can't touch that.
  13. Hey all im new here I have a few question (i wish i found this forum before i went through with minicredit) this is my loan below. Order date Amount applied Current balance Due date balance Due date Status 2011-07-14 £100.00 £101.00 £129.00 2011-08-12 Active loan As you see my due date is the 12th, i will 100% have enough money to pay it on the 1th2 but my question is can and will they try and take money from my account each day? because i have a payment going into my bank account sometime next week. I'm a bit worried because if t
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