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  1. Has it changed not much it still does not feel like home .It's furnished fine no problem there but if it was in an another area I'd be delighted.I'd love a car again so walking everywhere I refuse to pay for a bus ticket of over £4.00 a day to go anywhere.Life seems to be in one straight line back and forth I am in an area I went to school got married at the local church.I lived on this same road in rooms with my mum and dad when they had a house fire and lost everything in 1962.I honestly never thought I'd end up here in my late 50's just can't feel settled.Some people love a big house I feel overwhelmed some days by it.I will look for something smaller maybe through the swapper site or my local council.I can trade down when my older children leave home.Although does not look like it yet!I've put my 25 years in my old house on the back burner although I will never ever forgive my mortgage lender for selling me a sub-prime mortgage and writing incorrect information and not offering me a high st mortgage when I already had one with RBS then hiding behind the GMRS.What I say about them I won't repeat on here but I do believe that what I said on the day when I left My old property will stay with them all from beyond my grave.Even when I finally move to a place where I'll be so much happier I'll never forgive them all.
  2. FOC didn't uphold my complaint but the wording of the letter more or less left them sitting on the fence...I did have a statement of accounts from my mortgage lender but they had printed written off...but no doubt they've written it off from one of their companies and passed the shortfall to their sister company to collect it.There is a money judgement on the repossession papers from the court to be adjourned and restored at liberty.Not that I've got anything to give to them other than a pound!like I give to my other unsecured debtors.I'm thinking any day soon they'll have me back in court not that I'm worried as I've lost my house and have no other assets and live on £284.00 a week.I claim no benefits so rent and council tax etc are all paid in full my son pays the internet for me I only shop for food.I've one dependant still at school so can't give any more.
  3. I have a complaint regarding the under valuation of my old property sold in May 2014 with the FOS.I am going to check the mortgage contract as I'm sure I've come across this wording of repossession.I do have some of the information I requested regarding the sale of the property the surveyors reports but also an email of the estate agent stating to go in on a lower offer and test the waters and see what happens..I did email under another name to the Estate Agents and they were making out that there was a lots and lots of people lining up to view this house.They make reference to an other property repossessed by another estate agent in the area in emails to the Mortgage lender.I know it was a cash buyer there is no mortgage on the property and it is still empty now but the buyer came in at £160,000 the Mortgage Lender said it was too low then they offered £180,000 and it sold for £172,000.It was put up for £190,000 but houses on that side of the street have sold for £225,000 £255,00 and on the other side for £225,000 upwards.The estate agent did receive an official complaint from me about the Public Notice offer on the property but were told they could not speak to me by the mortgage lender.so they forwarded my emails but didn't reply back.I know that my next door neighbour cut down all the trees in the garden after I left and left the mess in the garden and the unsolicited mail was piled up in the front porch.So I don't think they visited until they had a viewing.I only moved 10 mins from the property so I used to call back to check the post even though I had a redirection in place and my sister lives around the corner from it. Can I get any information from the estate agent regarding the sale and visits to the property?like I have done from the mortgage lender?It seems that the mortgage Lender is always pleading that they have to rely upon 3rd parties on anything.On one surveyors report the surveyor is relying upon advise taken from my old next door neighbour when I bought the house under the RTB and the information is totally a lie and incorrect.I've never spoken to my neighbour about any private matters and only ever said the occasional hello.
  4. Thanks for your reply.Feeling like I'm getting there changed my kitchen table and chairs and it looks and feels different in the kitchen.Gone back power walking about 5-8 miles a day.I realised I can sit and feel awful or do something about it.Still knitting and reading but the darkness seems to be so much better.
  5. You'll find some good advice on here .I lost my house last year fought for 4 years to keep it. With regards your local council do they have a homeless unit? My local council has one and were informed of my situation although they were trying to push me towards private rental which was impossible with the fees etc. I went for an interview with one of their officers and I used to phone them 2 or 3 times a week as they were telling me that I had to be seen to be helping myself by looking at rental properties in the private sector. They admitted I'd have a problem even though my council offered a bond scheme to any private landlord. I was informed too that they could find me temp housing but could not guarantee that we'd be together and it would cost my family of £250.00 a week for it. I was fortunate I went to live at my father's he has his own house. I never gave up phoning the council even when I was at Father's. In the end I was offered a 5 bedroom house I was only homeless for 38 days but couldn't move in until 4 months later. I had the backing of my local MP. Don't give up on the council do some research and put your case forward My Son works in Social Housing and told me to hold out for a Social Landlord house he said that in these depts they like to see that you've been pro active. I was homeless in a Cat B but a Cat A over crowded was above homelessness with other issues health etc. argued that I was Homeless over crowded and my husband had mental heath issues. I hope it doesn't come to losing your house but please be prepared to do some homework if you do end up losing it. I wouldn't take no for an answer with my local council I just kept putting my case forward in the best way possible. My Son said there are times when your name keeps coming up and if you are able to communicate in a positive way they do find ways to help you.
  6. I've been knitting like mad just simple things which occupy my mind...Just knitted 5 scarves this week...now onto a Baby Blanket...I've knitted since I was a child when I went to live at my father's I couldn't take everything like my sewing machine and all my books so I took my knitting.It helps to relax me.Yes some days are worse than others cooking is still a chore at times.I suppose it's my frame of mind at times thinking how hard I've worked over the years and now it's counted for nothing.Like said in the post up above it's only Bricks and Mortar and will still be there when I'm long gone.I used to power walk with my husband and we'd do over 6 miles a day around some lovely areas come rain or shine...that sort of came to a stop last year.I don't feel guilty about the situation and how it unfolded as I fought a long hard battle to keep my old house and really did expose my mortgage lender for what they were...A bunch of cowboys with lies and deception some people might argue well you lost your home but even the Agencies I spoke to face to face and my MP were horrified at how they got away with everything.
  7. Thanks haven't seen anyone.Ironic that for 24 yrs I've supported my husband with his mental health issues reading researching his issues and understanding where he was coming from at the time not even my family knew how to cope with it all the days before anyone acknowledged Mental Health.I'll keep going just take it as it comes.I am grateful,My children started this journey still at school and college now three have got wonderful well paid full time work something so hard to come by nowadays.Just one left at school in the last year.I'm a creative Artistic person but even some of the things I'd enjoy I don't find the interest.I do love reading too something in my frame of mind I can do all day at the moment.I don't have sleepless nights.It's a big adjustment I know that but I'm sure it'll come together so way or another.One day at a time that's all I can do.
  8. Still fighting with my negative thoughts.Been in my house now since march 1st but honestly and truthfully I'm not settled here and really when I can I'll be looking for a swap.I thought after all My family had been through this would be a new start I even was so positive about it all.I don't yearn for my old house or even dream of being back in it.It's sold now.This House is a massive Victorian end terrace 3 floors massive cellars but I haven't fallen in love with it at all I keep trying but I just don't get any vibes from it.We've furnished it nicely the children have their own rooms.It's like a house you'd see on property programmes and I'd wish I had one like it.My health has been rubbish since moving in infection in my lung ongoing sinus problems feeling so tired back at hospital this month for my lungs.I'm usually so positive even cooking is a chore!I'm grateful for being rehoused some people are not so lucky from what I read on here and other websites.I suppose it'll take time to re-adjust to it all....Just posting how it is from another point of view.
  9. I've no letter from a debt collector as yet but they did have a money judgement in place to restore at liberty at each court hearing. So do I wait for them to contact me? they didn't have any indemnity insurance that they've claimed off they've told me that in the information I received. My husband and Myself are technically insolvent we've been advised to go Bankrupt but not the two of us together. I know the joint debt of the property would be passed to me if My husband did this first as he has the most debt out of the two of us.
  10. Just been through the info sent from the mortgage lender. I've looked at all the statements for the Mortgage and secured Loans dated for july and all the balances are showing 0.00. I've looked through the statements and I see wording of "written off" These are detailed just 2 weeks after the property sold but I received a letter in June demanding the short fall which was a short worded letter. I have a complaint in with the Ombudsman regarding the valuation and the price it sold. Is this something that they can do. I told the FOS that they'd have no chance of me paying off such a large amount.
  11. Received the Information from the 2 surveyors who valued the property. One survey in the part which states anything that can affect the property and it turns out that they took advice from my ex next door neighbour regarding when I bought it from the council. This statement is in the part of the survey which is incorrect and frankly has left me seething with anger that a Professional Person would take a here say comment as the truth and add it to the comments regarding the property. I have a complaint in with the FOS and they keep quoting in conversations to me that only Professional Surveyors etc are used where does a comment from a neighbour become part of a legal documentation when a Survey is being done? Who do I complain to regarding this? They haven't left the surveyors name on the survey blanked it out.
  12. Found out that the lease was incomplete at the Land Registry and that an indemnity policy was taken out. Land Registry have told me that our names will remain on the lease unless the lease details are changed.
  13. My late Mortgage lender took repossession on the freehold title land which the property didn't sit. they didn't take into account the leasehold which the property stands as mine and my husbands names are still on the leasehold. I've checked with the Land registry the new owners are listed but the leasehold doesn't have their names but mine and my husbands. the Land Registry have just told me to inform the mortgage lender but as I'm in dispute I'll leave it for them to find out.
  14. Hi does your council not have a homeless unit to speak to.I went to mine had an interview as I had a 4 children at home but 3 now over 18 but a 14 year old.They would take into consideration the children under 16 years.I was told then that I needed a 5 bedroom house which I am in now as I've 3 girls and one boy.I was living in a 3 bedroom house before.You really need to see a welfare rights officer to see what you are entitled to.I waited for the eviction date so I could be rehoused by my local council.I know for some it might not work out like that depending where you live in the country.The house I left has been sold to a cash buyer and has left a shortfall of nearly £24.000.
  15. You could try and stay in the property and sell it.If you are hoping to be rehoused by the Local Council then you'd have to wait until eviction as Local Councils see it that you've made yourself intentionally homeless if you hand back keys. Then on the other hand if you sell and left with any profit you probably wouldn't be entertained by your local housing Dept as you've money over from the sale this would be considered in a Benefit claim.I was on the understanding that if you hand back the keys you are still responsible for the property insurance council tax etc.Also if you sign any papers back to your Mortgage Lender then doesn't that put you in the position that you acknowledge the debt for any shortfall after a sale? I had to go through the process of eviction.I left my old property informed the Council tax dept completed a form and they refunded money back.I was offered Temp housing but it would of cost me £250.00 a week in the end I went to stay with My father.I'm self employed and even though I receive a very small amount of housing benefit. I don't receive any deductions off my council tax.I know when I completed my housing benefit and council tax application I did this with a Benefit officer from my local council and they asked how much the property I left was valued at. As soon as I received letters last year in July regarding repossession I was contacted by my local Council homeless unit,They seemed to want to push me towards private rentals.I have a Son who works for a Housing Association dealing with the rents and benefits etc he said to hold out for a Social rented property.I did but that took an awful lot of time phoning three or four times in a week to put them in the picture of where I was with everything as they offered a Bond Scheme but no Private Landlord would touch it.I couldn't pay my mortgage in the end it but my rent is paid every week. Also my Son informed me that any Benefit applications are really looked at and down to the last penny as it's all means tested so any difference in money coming in you've to tell them.Maybe you need to speak to a Welfare Benefit Officer to put you in the picture of what you are likely to receive.I went on an online checker but it gave me a higher amount for housing and council tax benefit. When I received the final amount it was a lot less than I thought I'd receive.I have £349.00 coming each week in taking in my self employment working tax child tax credit/small private pension of my husband 1 child of 14yrs.My rent is £157.00 a week of which £22.00 has been deducted in housing benefit.My council tax is £88.00 a month no deductions.In the end we had to do what we thought was right to wait for the eviction date if only to get us all back on track for our own sanity and well being as we felt we were drowning in it all with no lifeboat. My Husband has mental health issues and at times was about to lose the plot.It's not easy and it requires a lot of input from yourself to decide the best route to take and I can understand where you are coming from. I'm fortunate that I'm rehoused in the same area I've lived since I was born.
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