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  1. Have Turnbull really given up on consumer credit litigation? I had several letters from them to my new address, attempting to contact my ex. They eventually accepted that he does not live at my address and have even put it in writing that they accept this. I assume they returned all paperwork to HFO (who have now used another debt collector who is trying to contact my ex at my new address!), but Turnbull were certainly still trying to make contact with my ex about 3 months ago regarding his debts.
  2. I part exchanged my old car in February of this year. It was my responsibility to send off part of the V5 to the DVLA, and they sent me an acknowledgement slip saying that they had updated my records and I was now no longer the keeper of the old car. From memory it was something like section 9 of the V5 and it had to be signed by both myself and the dealership. The dealership I bought from made a point of making sure the section was signed and informing me that it was my responsibility to return it to the DVLA. I can only suggest that you check to see whether or not you completed an
  3. Perhaps there is a Post Man Pat figure that just keeps going round in a circle - his best mate is probably the gnome! I had a quick check of the address and it does actually exist ) No idea if the person really lives there, but they must be well hacked off by now that Post Man Pat hasn't been delivered.
  4. I had an email claiming to be from Paypal with details of a Postman Pat figure that someone in Suffolk had, apparently, bought from me for £347! It even gave a name and address in Suffolk where I should post the item to. Needless to say, I passed it on to Paypal who confirmed that it was a phishing email. I have never looked on Google maps to see if the address I was supposed to send the mysterious Postman Pat figure to actually exists; would be funny if it did!
  5. Horsen... 'The Laughing Gnome' has to be one of the best songs ever!!!
  6. Hi Sillygirl. I Hadn't thought about Trading Standards, and I didn't even know there was a Solicitors Regulatory Authority! I suspect that TB would get round it all by saying that as the letter was addressed to a Mr Blackadder then I shouldn't have opened it because it wasn't addressed to me. You and I both know that simply sending a letter back to these kinds of people marked as 'not known at this address' simply means that they consider you are lying through your teeth and they send even more letters. However, you can't send a reply to them without opening the letter - they know they've
  7. Thanks CitizenB, I will certainly report to the ICO if they do not amend their records. I feel it is necessary to write to TB as it definitely confirms the situation and they then can't say that they haven't been told. I'm not 100% sure how they got my address to link it to Mr B. There are no accounts/mortgages/credit cards etc that would still show in joint names and the ones that have been closed but still show on credit reports are nearing the 6 years and still have the old address on. My credit report shows a link to Mr B, but no addresses are shown, and my report doesn't show a
  8. My Boomerang Won't Come Back. Charlie Drake. My all time favourite though is Baby Sitting Boogie by Buzz Clifford, because the baby gurgling always made me laugh. Came out a couple of years before I was born, but our next door neighbours had a copy and used to play it quite a lot!
  9. Just when I thought life had become quieter and the stress had diminished, I now have that awful feeling of 'oh no, here we go again'! After all the hassle of separation, debt, selling my house etc, etc, I have today received a letter addressed to the ex (aka Mr Blackadder) at MY new address. It is from Turnbull Rutherford, from here on in know as TB. I opened the letter as I have no forwarding address for Mr B, and to be quite honest even if I did have one, I am NOT a postal forwarding service. The letter was as follows: 12 January 2014 Mr E Blackadder Your ex w
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