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Found 16 results

  1. Hi all, I have learning difficulties and I need some help understanding what permitted work Is, the reason I would like to know is because I receive esa and pip what I have been receiving for the past 3 years I worked in kitchens from 16 years old till I was 28 then i become really depressed and anxious due to swallowing issues I had a good tube for 2 years and currently survive on ensure I find it very difficult to swallow soft food, because of this I am quite weak and collapse frequently but my stability has got better in the last year, my problem is I don't get enough money on dwp i am in debt with electricity and water rates that i cannot afford to pay back and I would like to do some light work to help earn more but I'm worried that I will take on work and my benefits will stop because I am in no position to be able to manage full time work at this current time could someone please explain to me the best options for me, Thank you Karl
  2. Hi, has anyone on here done permitted work whilst receiving ESA ?. If so, has it caused you any problems relating to your ESA ?. Eg-your ESA has been reduced , even though that shouldn't happen if you contact DWP before you begin any work and the work is 'supervised'. Permitted work seems a contradiction in terms to me. Re the fact that a person is on ESA and other Income is usually taken into account and the ESA reduced accordingly. I've been reading up on it and you can work up to 16 hrs per week and earn up to £125 per week (From April when minimum wage rises to £7.83 per hour).
  3. Hi - I have applied for ESA Benefit and have sent off my first Sick Note - before applying for ESA I was working for 8 to 10 hours per week part time and was also receiving JSA at a* reduced rate so that the earnings from my part time work and received JSA totalled up to £73-00 PER WEEK - I closed my JSA Claim on 1st February 18 and requested my ESA Claim to start from 2nd February 18 - The Gentleman who was taking my application for ESA over the phone asked what part time work I was doing and if I wanted to continue doing this work when receiving ESA - I said I didn't think it was allowed to do any work whilst receiving a Benefit - He said that there was a rule in place where you can do some part time work whilst on ESA which is called PERMITTED WORK - is this correct ? - I phoned yesterday and they told me I should receive my first ESA payment on 15th February 18 - Can I go back to my part time work straight away now or is there a certain amount of time I have to wait - also how do I go about informing them that I will be doing part time work ? -I have physical ailments which stop me from being able to work full time also suffer from depression - The part time work I was doing was escorting Children with learning and physical disabilities to school in a vehicle with someone else driving - there is no physical work involved for me with this job as I just have to sit in the vehicle with the Children the main reason I did and would like to continue doing this job is that it gets me out of my house for a few hours a week which helps greatly with my depression - Sorry if this is a bit long winded but I dont want to do anything to jeopardise my ESA Benefit or to get into trouble with The DWP - Many thanks for any advice that anyone can give me.
  4. Good Evening today I have been the recipient of a nice little piece of paper requiring me to pay £50 to the council for a parking infringement. The PCN states it was contravention 30, parked for longer than permitted. However I was not parked in a limited waiting area, i was actually parked on DYL which should be an 01 offence however i also had my blue badge on display.... so the question is can i appeal this pcn on the basis that the ticket was incorrectly issued on the basis of the wrong contravention code. cheers lets ps was parked for longer than the 3 hours on the badge
  5. Hi wonder if anyone knows anything about this. I am on ESA. I do voluntary work for the NHS and I do 12 hours per week permitted work (also NHS) for which I am paid I have volunteered for 4 years now and done permitted work for 3 years (I am in the support group so no 12 month limit) As I do not work for 16 hours or more i do not get holidays, however, in june this year i received a backpayment of just under £700.00. I automatically rang the pay department thinking that a mistake had been made and the money was not mine. The advisor said that under the WTD (Working Time Directive) i had to be paid an extra 12% as i do not get holidays and that they had to do this to comply with the eu law/regulations so it was mine, and as they had never paid it to me, i got all previous 2years plus the current year to date. Due to this payment I had to pay tax, however, the payment included backpay £290 for 14/15 and £330 for 15/16 and only £70.00 for this year. In the two previous years my work was occasional (just to cover people who were off, but still just 12 hours in any 1 week) so together with my ESA payments i never earned over my allowance and would not have been taxed had it been paid at the correct time. When contacting the tax office for a refund of tax paid on these two amounts they say that it does not matter when it was earned tax is paid when the money is paid to you. This just doesn't seem right to me, i am being penalised for someone elses mistake. anyone know anything about tax here????
  6. Looking for some advice, whats the best action to take? Is Ignoring really the best? Wife got caught exceeding the 2 hour limit by 34 minutes, apparently the shops were busy!!!!! There was one little mistake on the notice letter, in that they didnt include our property number, just the name of the street. Is this enough to disregard this? (there are only 2 properties on our street though, but surely the principle should apply!!) Cheers
  7. HI I start with a company on 1st June, i have tried to renegotiate hours and have managed to get it down so i am earning exactly 104 pounds a week for 15 hours. I sat with my doctor last week and talked through it and am signed off not fit for work until 1st June. My questions are......... When i go back to doctor for new fit note what do i ask him to put on it with regards to part time work. Obviously im still ill but we both agree that these 15 hours should really help with my recovery. Secondly, i still haven't received my PW1 form, shall i request another, fill it in, photocopy it and send registered delivery Thirdly, do i inform housing benefit that i am doing permitted work. I am still entitled to the same amount each week Thanks
  8. HI Ive got a start date for a job for 15 hours a week ( 1st June). It is my first job since a major breakdown last year, ( suicide attempts, irrational behavior, [paranoia etc etc) I am on ESA now since January 5th and have my assessment a week on Saturday. However, do i tell them about my job offer at the assessment? I am terrified of people, being assaulted, being raped, etc When do i tell the DWP, i have the form ready to fill in. I need this job to help me back to my old self so i can look at getting back on my feet and getting back in to permanent work. However, without the extra ESA cash through permitted work i cannot afford to take the job. Silly as it seems, but i need it for my sanity. Please help I don't want to get into trouble but i feel stuck between a rock and a hard place Also, what happens to sick notes if you are working permitted work? Thanks
  9. I am on ESA in the support group and was trying to understand the 'permitted work' regs and I am so confused! Wanted to find out how many hours and how much I would be allowed to do, plus if I decide to try and make my hobby pay a little do I need to inform DWP or can I just get on with it?
  10. I have been told the amount I will get in backdated DLA, its on the way and approved, the DWP didnt bother asking for a statement of reasons from the tribunal. I have a new problem that my bank balance as a result of 2 years backdated DLA will be hovering around the £6000 mark it will actually be probably going above and below £6000 over the course of each month as expenses go out and income goes in. I am now very grateful for the reward so I am not too concerned about having my housing benefit deducted for been a bit over £6000, what is bothering me is the potential trouble of informing them every time my money goes above or below 6000 and each time of course the claim been suspended. If I were to say my savings are 6500 and simply dont inform them afterwards until I am well below 6000 again would that be fraud? as that will amount to underpayments not overpayments. So I assume I am ok to do that?
  11. Hi guys! ...can anyone give me some up to date advice on the current situation re: permitted work whilst on ESA (IR). I know all about the hours you can do/earnings limit...etc....my major concern is all the horror stories I've read (albeit quite outdated!) about ESA being automatically suspended when you request the PW1 form! Unfortunately I'm not physically fit enough to cope with full time work for the foreseeable future, but would love to do something part-time as not working at all is driving me demented!!! There is a possible opportunity for me to do 15 hrs office-based work, which would be due to start in a couple of weeks (if I pass the interviews, lol)....so hours and earnings meet the current criteria for PW...however, there is no way I can afford to lose my ESA in the interm...even if it does get backdated later on...as I have a child to support also!....Can anyone advise what the current situation is?
  12. The other day when I bought a ticket, the conductor on board the train told me I was travelling in the wrong direction. I told him that I wasn't as I'd looked online and it suggested this route as it was the quickest on the way there. When he input the data on the machine he confirmed that I was correct. I asked if the ticket could be an any permitted route ticket as I would be travelling back the other way. He told me that while 'any permitted' meant I could travel in either direction, once I had started travelling I would be restricted to that route, meaning I would have to come back in the same direction. Is this correct? I suspect he might be wrong as the National Rail site says I only have to purchase one ticket to travel up one way and back the other. I've travelled different ways there and back many times in the past and this has never been an issue before. I also bought a ticket which I thought would be incredibly complicated to purchase in the past due to the fact that I was travelling to four different stations, three of which were on separate routes, and National Rail Enquiries told me I could just buy an any route permitted ticket to one of the stations I was travelling to and it would be fine.
  13. i have heard that its possible to do permitted work while on incapacity benefit, by way of seeing if a person is capable of takin on any work, and that you can do this for up to 52 weeks, i am unclear on how this affects benefits being paid and on h/b and c/t benefits also....and what happens if unable to continue with the work?....
  14. Hi, does anyone know for certain if a request for a permitted work form whilst on IB will trigger an ESA review? I know it is coming up anyway but don't want to trigger it prematurely. So if anyone knows for sure how this works I would appreciate the help. Thank you.
  15. I am 61 in March and get my state pension in March next year. I am on Incapacity Benefit (since 2008 when I retired on health grounds) and have my first ATOS assessment in June this year. I have been doing 10 hours a week permitted work - working from home, selling stuff online - and send in proof of income and expenditure to them every 6 months. My question is.... if I fail the ATOS test, would I then not be able to do the permitted work? I assume I would go on to JSA or something if I am deemed 'fit for work' but I am very worried that I would have to stop doing the permitted work at that point, or they would not give me any benefit whatsoever... My main hope is that seeing as how I have a degenerative lung condition in both lungs and I am coming off benefits in March 2014 anyway, they will leave me alone and let me just carry on till then on the IB. Do they take age and the fact that I am nearing state pension age, into account? If you have any knowledge of what happens in these circumstances, if I fail the test in June ... do you know how I am fixed - would I not be entitled to any benefit whatsoever, if I continue the part time homeworking? I have no idea what benefit I would go on to, if I was forced to seek work or how much it is. I guess the fact I am doing 10 hrs a week permitted work may go against me, would it? I really want to carry on with it though as I can manage it and it gives me a focus each day.
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