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  1. Many thanks Margaret. I have looked back in my files and the June 2013 date was in a letter sent to me in June 2010 - referring to an IB50 that I had filled in. No doctor's or consultant's letter was included with that form... they said in the letter "Your case is due to come up for a normal review" in June 2013. "We may contact you again after that date or you may be asked to fill in another questionnaire or be called for a medical examination". Of course all that was before the most recent changes in the law but that is where I got the June date from. I just assumed it would be the Atos appointment. Thanks again - maybe it won't be Atos in June after all.... I can but hope! Thanks for the link for further info too, I shall check it out. Sarah
  2. Hi Margaret I am not exempt from the personal capability assessment, no, but there has not been any assessment so far since I obtained the benefit in 2008; they have sent me forms from time to time asking me what I can and can't do and once I started the permitted work from home, I have had to furnish details of income and expenditure (ie what income I have had) from that self employment each six months. I just assumed that the date of June 2013 when it was quoted as the date my benefit would be reviewed, as being the date Atos would come calling. Are you saying that that review of my claim is not necessarily an appointment with Atos for a test? Not knowing how the procedures work I am just making assumptions perhaps. How much notice does one get with regard to the Atos test? Thanks for the good wishes.
  3. THanks - I appreciate your letting me know that. Unfortunately (fortunately?) I do not have to have carers and can go for limited walks so I won't qualify for DLA. The health condition of course limits my mobility and will do increasingly for the rest of my life but I can still walk on the flat for short periods.
  4. Hi Margaret Thank you very much for adding to the information from RaeUK. I really appreciate it. I will try not to worry now I have more information! The reason I think my assessment is June is because that date was given to me about 18 months ago when they said that it would be the time my assessment would be due. I have not had any other assessment (no interviews or clinical examinations) and I have been on IB since 2008. What I have had, is of course the form filling and since I started doing the permitted work in June 2011, the 6 month proof of income and expenditure that I have to send in to them. So I am assuming that Atos will be knocking on my door in June... although it would be wonderful if I didn't hear anything and I was just allowed to continue as I am, till I come off benefit in March 2014 and get state pension. It is good that the IB will be continued all the way up to the decision being made; I get about £85 per week (they take off about £10 or something because I get a (small!) pension from my ex employer. So really if the assessment rate is what you say, I won't worry about going onto that rate. There would be no difficulty in getting a letter from the doctor and my chest consultant so I am not worried about that. Who knows, if everything is so very far behind, then my assessment may be months behind too - and with only 9 months to go till I get the state pension then the longer the delay the better, LOL! I don't get any other benefits - I just get the work pension and the IB. Thank you so much for your answers and thanks again to RaeUK.
  5. I already have a post on here but hope it is ok to do another one. Just some questions 1) Does my benefit (I am on Incapacity Benefit) stop when I am summoned for my assessment in June, pending the result of that assessment? 2) People have mentioned "assessment rate"... what is this please, is this lower than IB? 3) How long does it last, all this assessment stuff until I will know the outcome? and how long does an appeal take? 4) would they take into account that my condition is degenerative and that I would be coming off benefits anyway 9 months after my assessment date, as I will be receiving my state pension? 5) For info I am doing permitted work, 10 hrs a week and would want to continue that. (Working from home, online). Background: I am on IB, have been since 2008 as I retired from work on health grounds. I am due to get my state pension in March next year. Thanks alot
  6. Thanks so much for taking the time to respond again. I am not on HB or CTB, all I have is the Incapacity Benefit and a small pension from my ex employers. I don't get DLA as I am not registered disabled and by the looks of the form, I am not entitled to be. What is a passport benefit? Is it one that entitles me to other benefits? Thanks for clarifying the JSA bit, I was worried if I failed the test, they would insist I start on that right away and apply for jobs. Bit silly when I reach pension age after 9 months from the date of the test! Don't suppose they look at it like that though. It is all figures, statistics and targets for them. I was also wondering what the Universal Credit thing would do to all this. Do I understand you rightly that whilst I am appealing against any decision, I would continue to get IB or ESA or something? Is the payment rate for money whilst under assessment any lower than the rate paid PRE assessment? Sorry for all the questions. Hope you are OK with your bronchitis; progressive lung disease for me is something I have had for 50 years so it is quite well advanced compared to when it started.
  7. Many thanks for that reply. There is no way I will feel fit enough to go back to work - but I am rather worried that that won't stop the ATOS people thinking differently and saying I am ok. If people with missing limbs can be passed as fit and those with terminal illnesses, that makes me think that my chances of passing are slim. It is that scenario which is frightening me right now - if they say I am fit to work... I will appeal of course. Once an appeal has been made, do the IB payments continue as normal, whilst in the appeals procedure? Or do they cut those payments once they have failed me? I am worried about failing the test and being left in a position where I have little or no income yet prohibited from doing the permitted work either. Sorry if I have misunderstood you.
  8. I am 61 in March and get my state pension in March next year. I am on Incapacity Benefit (since 2008 when I retired on health grounds) and have my first ATOS assessment in June this year. I have been doing 10 hours a week permitted work - working from home, selling stuff online - and send in proof of income and expenditure to them every 6 months. My question is.... if I fail the ATOS test, would I then not be able to do the permitted work? I assume I would go on to JSA or something if I am deemed 'fit for work' but I am very worried that I would have to stop doing the permitted work at that point, or they would not give me any benefit whatsoever... My main hope is that seeing as how I have a degenerative lung condition in both lungs and I am coming off benefits in March 2014 anyway, they will leave me alone and let me just carry on till then on the IB. Do they take age and the fact that I am nearing state pension age, into account? If you have any knowledge of what happens in these circumstances, if I fail the test in June ... do you know how I am fixed - would I not be entitled to any benefit whatsoever, if I continue the part time homeworking? I have no idea what benefit I would go on to, if I was forced to seek work or how much it is. I guess the fact I am doing 10 hrs a week permitted work may go against me, would it? I really want to carry on with it though as I can manage it and it gives me a focus each day.
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