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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, I will be grateful if you can please help me if there is something I can do with this notice please. On 23/12 I went to Kensington high street, whilst looking for parking space I saw a sign (attached) and empty space saying No stopping at any time except 7 am - 4 pm, P for 30 minutes. I safely parked my car which was left there for about 15 minutes. I then returned and made way home. I am now in receipt of this notice (attached). I went back there and saw two conflicting signs and wonder if I could successfully challenge it or it was just my sheer stupidity :/ Thank you for your help in advance.
  2. Hi just a quick one regarding regulations on red route signage. It's in camden high street outside of lidl/william hill. The first bay to oncoming traffic is loading only and the one after is free 30mins. Both bays separated by just lines and very hard to judge different restrictions. Should there be another sign indicating either end of loading bay or start of free bay. Thanks. https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@51.5362652,-0.1401768,3a,75y,32.97h,68.76t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sA35WUEWCOEaUumKqzc4Flg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  3. Ok a quick scan on his forum says I'm not alone but here's my story - just wondering what the best set of steps is, i.e. complain to NPOWER even though I'm not a current customer, raise it with the regulator, or other options. I was with NPOWER until December 2014. I paid my bills on a monthly direct debit budget scheme. When I switched suppliers I very kindly received a cheque from NPOWER for the balance on my account and thought that was that. Of course I then got bills, lots and lots of bills with lots and lots of amounts. It took them, in my opinion far to long to switch me as well. I contacted them and asked how I could owe them anything when they'd just sent me a refund, asked them to send me definitive bills with readings etc. In the end I gave up and heard nothing. in August I suddenly got a series of communications. At the beginning of August I got 2 bills, one for gas and one for electric, 16.19 and 4.37. Then on the 12th of August I got a reminder for the gas, at £293.98 and one for the electric at 129.97 (remember I haven't been using them for about 8 months now!). These were quickly followed by those very special telemessage things that are supposed to scare you on the 26th and 27th August. Now here's where they really excelled themselves because on the 28 August I got a threatogram from Collections Direct for the gas, 293.98 (at least the amounts were now consistent) but one day later, on the 29th August I got a letter from NPOWER advising me they'd made a mess of it all and were writing off any outstanding balance. And all went quiet. Now I'd have to be honest and say I could not have told anybody whether I did or didn't owe them any money. The number of bills I got showing different amounts - including a refund - had me completely lost. Now today I receive reminders again, pay in 7 days etc etc. So I want this gone once and for all. I've not been a customer for over 15 months. So do I complain to them in the first instance or should I just take this straight up the food chain?
  4. Hi folks, Hoping someone can help me out with some advice. Got a PCN for parking in a loading bay on a red route just south of Purley. I appealed against it and they have rejected that appeal. I was driving into London with a friend who suddenly developed serious cramp in his legs. He was in a lot of pain, so I pulled over the first chance I got, into a loading bay on a red route. He got out and he stretched his legs and I went with him to make sure he was alright. We were stationary for less than 3 minutes. A week later I got a PCN and a £130 fine. I appealed and pointed at that I was in a loading bay and we were there for less than the 20 minutes allowed. There reply states that no loading was seen by the camera operator, and this itself constitutes a contravention. They then go on to say: "Legislation does not set out a universal definition of loading... The general interpretation... is that the it should be in the nature of a collection/delivery... Loading is the operation of transferring goods which require a vehicle to transport them." As I live in Worcester, where there are no red routes, I guess I never understood that stopping for two minutes in a loading zone on a red route would constitute an offence, or that I would be watched doing it! I was just wondering if there is anyway I have any defence on emergency grounds, i.e. by having a passenger who was shouting out in pain was distracting me and therefore causing a hazard to other road users. Any thoughts? TIA for any advice. Cheers, Steve
  5. We recently had the red route loading/parking bays suspended outside our business,on both sides of the road.After several days,I began to wonder why this was happening.On closer inspection,I found a white notice attached to a post on one side of the road stating that the suspension was to be for 2 days whilst road maintenance was being carried out.As we were now 8 days in,and the signage was still in place,I decided to call TFL to check what was going on.After being given the usual telephone run a round,I was told to email my enquiry and someone would investigate.Now,10 days after the suspension,It seems that the signage should have been taken down and that is going to be done this evening. Of course,this doesn't help us and the fact that we have now had our business trade affected over what will turn out to be 11 days. Does anyone know if it is possible to be compensated for the loss of trade.In theory,had I not chased this up the bays may have remained suspended indefinitely.
  6. Hi All, This a.m. received PCN for above offence. I was actually parked in a loading bay (lay by) off the main carriageway, completely off the main red route carriageway. I did actually notice on my return to vehicle a loading bay sign use only after 10.am. I got cctv`d at 09.53. My point is that whilst I was parked in the layby (loading bay) at the wrong time, I have been fined for stopping on a red route or clearway. The picture clearly shows me parked OFF the carriageway. Is the layby (loading bay) considered part of the carriageway? There are no lines in the bay itself. Does anyone know where I can find a CLEAR definition of a red route clearway? This happened Tooley Street London. Ticket from TfL.
  7. This road has parking bays all up the road, with no signs. At the end of the road, is the A12, which has a red route. The red route starts at the bottom of each side road. The other side of this road also has the same sign, but no bays. I am confused as to whether or not the sign includes the restrictions on the bays. If it does, it doesn't make sense as it's just the same as any other bay in the area, the street is residential, thus no need for loading. I parked here once for the day, didn't get a ticket, but decided not to park there again just in case. Others tend to avoid the bay too. The sign also faces different directions a lot, sometimes facing up the road, sometimes faces the other way up the road, and other times faces out. [ATTACH=CONFIG]49701[/ATTACH] This forum doesn't allow me to post the location on google maps, /maps/@51.576052,0.094029,3a,75 y,287.84h,67.14t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sqrs3T sCeC-U_M1mwcO93PQ!2e0 Ignore the attached image, it has the wrong sign
  8. Hi Folks Can anyone help? Parked my car on what I thought was a local ordinary road at the junction of a red route. As a local I thought I was parked on a local road with free parking but very close to the end of the road. I was parked just behind but not on the pedestrian access crossing of the road. There was more than adequate room for cars to turn into the road. All cars exit the road turning left. On returning to the car I found a PCN on the windscreen and a van behind me had also received one. Just behind us was a RED ROUTE sign - in some way indicating that the local side road off the red route was a red route too! Cars parked behind the van and behind the red route sign did not have parking tickets. There are no road markings by the kerb nor are there any kerb markings, or red lines whatsoever. Neither are there red lines or signs on the actual red route!!!! - however it is the A4 which is a major route into and out of London. Can anyone advise if this PCN is legal? Do I have a case to get this cancelled? Ticket says vehicle was "stopped where prohibited (on a red route or clearway)" when clearly the road is a local road. It looks like Transport for London have stolen some of a local side road as a red route/clearway!
  9. I have broadband speed issue caused by the route provided to my telephone line by British Telecom. I get a broadband speed of 1.4 meg download, my neighbours in the same area get speed of 2.4 to 3.0 meg download. After complaints to BT they decline to do anything to provide me with the same service as my neighbours, My neighbours are 3 km from the exchange, My line is 6 km from the exchange, where does my line go between next door and here ? I pay for a service of up to 20 meg speed. BT provide me with a sub standard service. Is there anything I can do ?
  10. Dear all I've been done for driving into a bus route on Rye Lane, southbound - in Peckham. https://maps.google.com/maps?q=Rye+lane+peckham&hl=en&ll=51.467189,-0.066304&spn=0.000027,0.019248&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=52.637906,78.837891&hq=Rye+lane+peckham&t=m&z=16&layer=c&cbll=51.467253,-0.066402&panoid=PVlcaBOMg2k4M1lbKxv02w&cbp=12,134.24,,0,8.58 So I made a Representation on the following grounds: - Warning sign is severely defaced - It's the wrong warning sign (should be #877) - It's the wrong warning road-marking (should be #1037.1) - The warning signs should be 30m from the start of the bus-lane; they are less than 20m - The junction road-markings clearly indicate the main traffic flow as straight ahead, instead of bearing left per Figure 15-14 of the Traffic Signs Manual - Diagram 1048 (the "bus and cycle only" road text) are defaced as Southwark Council never bothered to remove the old road-lines To my surprise, given the number of errors I pointed out (and my letter to them was very polite, I promise) they rejected the Representation. Apparently because it's not a "bus-lane" but a "bus-route" the 30m warning requirement doesn't apply...so a "bus-route" needs less warning than a "bus-lane"??? Otherwise, no response to any of the points I raised. So I propose to go to Adjudication, citing (in addition to all points above) that they failed to respond to my submission in written detail. Any tips gratefully received...has anyone fallen foul of this ludicrously poorly-signed/marked bus-route before? Thanks Richard
  11. The other day when I bought a ticket, the conductor on board the train told me I was travelling in the wrong direction. I told him that I wasn't as I'd looked online and it suggested this route as it was the quickest on the way there. When he input the data on the machine he confirmed that I was correct. I asked if the ticket could be an any permitted route ticket as I would be travelling back the other way. He told me that while 'any permitted' meant I could travel in either direction, once I had started travelling I would be restricted to that route, meaning I would have to come back in the same direction. Is this correct? I suspect he might be wrong as the National Rail site says I only have to purchase one ticket to travel up one way and back the other. I've travelled different ways there and back many times in the past and this has never been an issue before. I also bought a ticket which I thought would be incredibly complicated to purchase in the past due to the fact that I was travelling to four different stations, three of which were on separate routes, and National Rail Enquiries told me I could just buy an any route permitted ticket to one of the stations I was travelling to and it would be fine.
  12. Hi all, wondering how to go about applying to court for damage due to failure of Rbs & barclaycard to fully comply with SAR request. I had a look at small claims forms but couldnt see any thing that would fit for this type of claim. Any help greatly appreciated.
  13. How would one fight a tfl parking fine issued for parking in a loading bay. There was another topic on this but thought that each situation is different: This situation: TFL warden was in the process of writing out ticket but the person drove off before this could be issued. They sent a ticket through the post but the information on it was incorrect ie vehicle was in bay for less than 5 minutes (min observation i believe) and when ticket was sent through the post they only included the start of the observation and not the end time. I believe the PCN should be correctly filled in. It was only on first appeal that they then wrote a end time in. There appears to be no evidence other than the word of the warden against the the word of the driver than any contravention occurred. Does TFL have a case, and is the incorrect filling out of the PCN important in defence. I always thought if they had photographic evidence they would send this out to the motorist. This was asked for but has not materialised. Would they not just send this to the driver in the first place to make their case, rather than holding it back if they did. Thanks for any advice
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