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  1. I'm not from London sorry I live not far from there but a diffrent city
  2. I had my social worker I was part of adult mental health team for 3 years and they was suppose to clear my debts and help manage my money and pay my bills because I had a letter with more debt I asked to leave there service because they cannot section me to hospital they have said I voluntary left there service now I don't get any help
  3. I have lived in my home for 1 and half years now I was on medication that caused me to get amnesia so my heads abit all over the place but I don't think I paid any bill I have a social worker who was suppose to deal with all of this but I don't see him no more I get housing benefits if that's what you mean by tax relief and with the meter it was supposed to come from my bank account but it has not I will have a look at your website I am with Thames water as I got a letter from them they are going to send me a letter out and they said I can get 50 percent off on the bill and rates because I asked them about water rate rebate
  4. Hi I am not aware of water rebates and not heard of that before with my electric it is with sse I had a electric key thing but I forget to put money on there so they have changed my box but I forget to pay them and they asked me to tell them numbers on my box but I can't understand that and they have said I owe them 1200 I got a discount for cold weather but that is all they can do for me
  5. Hi all, I have learning difficulties and I need some help understanding what permitted work Is, the reason I would like to know is because I receive esa and pip what I have been receiving for the past 3 years I worked in kitchens from 16 years old till I was 28 then i become really depressed and anxious due to swallowing issues I had a good tube for 2 years and currently survive on ensure I find it very difficult to swallow soft food, because of this I am quite weak and collapse frequently but my stability has got better in the last year, my problem is I don't get enough money on dwp i am in debt with electricity and water rates that i cannot afford to pay back and I would like to do some light work to help earn more but I'm worried that I will take on work and my benefits will stop because I am in no position to be able to manage full time work at this current time could someone please explain to me the best options for me, Thank you Karl
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