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  1. Hi ericsbrother,thank you for your reply. No,the Car was not SORN for any of this period,first of all there was nothing wrong with the car from the date they decided it was a square block of crushed metal (May 2015) I had no knowledge of them doing that,no notification from them,car insured, 2 MOT tests with no problem. After buying the new car (Nov 2016) the car was drive-able and I wanted it on the road ready to sell. I had no idea it was not taxed,as I have said they sent no reminder because as far as they were concerned the car did not exist. I always have purchased Road Tax with
  2. Hi My poor little car had a poorly radiator so I bought another car, transferred my insurance in Nov 2016 and set about repairing the first one. The first clue I had that something was a bit amiss came late November when i tried to buy some temporary cover for that car was rejection as they declined insurance saying the car was Cat A/B. I have had this car 5 years.It has never been dented let alone had a serious crash so I thought they just did not fancy insuring a 2.5 L car on a temporary basis. The second was a keen buyer who wanted to check a few things out and never got back to
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