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  1. Hi the card is with vanquis they are chasing the debt. i had my hours cut at work and asked them if i could reduce the payments and freeze any interest. they agreed for 3 months now they want me to pay the full payments. but i cannot afford it as my hours of work have not changed. I have explained tit to them but them are not interested . Thanks Michael
  2. Hi can someone give me some advice please. I have asked my credit card company for my credit agreement and they have sent me a digital signature application details it has no signature on it . Can someone tell me if this is a true copy of my credit agreement. Thanks Michael
  3. Thanks dx he told Aqua to close the account and he said all he knows it it say Aqua card on all his statements and he is not sure if its a newday aqua card. but he said he was surprised that he got a card from them as he has a poor credit record.
  4. Thanks for your reply. no he has not set up a d/d he was paying his monthly bill on their web site with his debit card but the company have saved his card detail so he dosnt have to put his debit card number in when he makes payment.
  5. Hi hope i have posted in right place. A friend of mine has a credit card with aqua card. He has been off work and can not afford to pay the monthly aqua card bill he phoned them to explain this and they was not very helpful at all. now he is wandering as he was paying his monthly statement with his debit card on line and it is saved on their web site can aqua card take money from his bank without his permission. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi i have a loan with welcome and my payment comes out of my bank on the 25th of each month. I got a phone call from them asking if i will be getting paid from work early at Christmas as my payment wont reach they account until the 29th of December and if i can make a payment early so i wont incur late payment charges can they do this. she said she will give me another cal at the beginning of December to ask if will be getting paid early.
  7. I am with TalkTalk with my phone broadband and i have a free sim with them . Last month i got a bill for my mobile for £4.50 for non direct debit. I phoned them up to complained and i was told i should have not been charge as it was a free sim so they credited my account. Today i got a bill for £19 £4.50 non d/d charge and £10 plus vat for late payment. i got back in touch with them and ask for the manager he explained that that i should have set up a d/d even as its a free sim i went mad with him saying that no one explained this to me he said i should have read the terms and conditions and that i have to pay the £19. I told them i was not going to pay the bill but all i got was that its up to you but if you dont pay we will pass the debt to a debt collection agency and i should have read the t/cs Now should i pay the bill or dig my heels in and not pay it what would you do?
  8. Thanks will do. Ive been talking to someone at work and he said It could well be. A missed payment, with perhaps 7 years of interest on it, plus fees, could easily add up to another 3 month.
  9. Just got 3 more letters from them and they have added fees from £100 £20 loads with £10 and a load ranging from 19p -£2.10 i just dont know why they are adding fees to my account when i have been paying over the monthly instalments.
  10. This is the missing letter from them http://i.imgur.com/UzmsESE.jpg Why have they added an extra 3 months to the loan when i have been paying an extra £8 per month. Please can someone advise me if they are within there rights to do that.
  11. I sent the letter recorded delivery yesterday do they have seven days from when i posted the letter or when they receive it ?
  12. Hi Rebel11 thanks for your quick reply i will get the letter posted today. I had no ppi on the loan i am just wondering why they have added another 3 months on the loan.
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