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  1. Good idea. There should definitely be locks on the bin sheds. At least that would prevent non-residents from dumping anything. The only problem then is that someone would need to make sure the sheds are unlocked for the refuse collections every week. I am sure we could sort something out. Cameras would be very handy but given these clowns have trouble fixing the loose handle on the front door in the lobby and take an age to respond to requests to replace blown bulbs in the entrance area I don't hold out much hope. This is a fairly large development and they have the contract for all of it. They are making an absolute fortune for doing bugger all! Now they have the cheek to threaten us with charges for removing someone else's rubbish...which by the way has not actually been removed and is still in the bin shed. I will deliver a letter to each resident and see if we can sort this out. I "think" I know who the culprit might be but can't prove it and in any case I am not sure they are away that these items will not be taken in a "normal" bin collection. Worth giving them the benefit of the doubt and perhaps guiding them toward the right solution.
  2. I expect the property management company to deal with it. We are not here to police the other residents. We pay the property management enough money every year for very little in the way of maintenance. Of course, it is difficult to identify who the perpetrator(s) is but that doesn't mean I or any of the other residents should be paying to remove someone else's rubbish. And how can we even be sure it is residents of our block putting this stuff in there? The bin sheds have no locks so anyone could be dumping rubbish in there. I hear what you are saying about not letting the place slide into the realms of being a slum. This is a nice modern development and certainly myself and the residents that I know personally would never let that happen. I guess we are just going to have to find out who is doing the dumping. Not sure how but there must be a way.
  3. I live in a small apartment block of 12 flats. They are all leashold and there is a property management company that looks after communal areas and gardens. Over the past couple of months someone, maybe more than one person in the block has been placing large items in the communal bin sheds that the local council will not take. Things such as broken tv's, computer chairs, a large pet cage etc. There are notices up around the building about not doing this but it continues to happen. The property management company has now emailed a few of the residents stating that if this happens again, ALL residents will be liable for any charges incurred in having the items removed. There is nothing in our lease or property management agreement that states we will be charged for the actions of other residents. I think the property management's actions are not only morally wrong but possibly illegal? Not sure hence why I ask here. Thanks.
  4. Ok well basically she suffers from clinical depression. She has suicidal thoughts and is on quite a high dose of medication. Even with the meds she still has days when if I were not here I am pretty sure she would end it all. She has trouble focusing on anything and often forgets things like she leaves the gas cooker on, forgets where she puts things, forgets whether she has taken her meds or not and often can't remember what day it is. I am sure there are people in a much worse situation but I can tell you to say it is stressful for me is a gross understatement! Even when she was working I half expected every day to hear she had thrown herself in front of a train . That was why I made her go to see her doctor and eventually she was signed off as unfit to work. Having heard others horrors stories with the DWP I actually count ourselves very lucky! I think my only option is to find a way to make more money.
  5. Well I can understand the reasoning behind the MIF. It gives you a choice. If you want to be self employed they don't hassle you to find a job but then it is your responsibility to make the money. Otherwise register as unemployed and go through that process of being forced to find a job...and probably one you don't want. It has its pros and cons. Ideally I would make at least enough to cover the outgoings but life is often not like that. Things are not black and white. Lots of shades of grey in between. And they would say register as unemployed. But then who will be here for my wife? As mentioned my wife is on this 'Limited capability for work and work-related activity' thing which I don't think is the same as PIP? So not sure how I would claim as her carer or even if that would apply. Going to be a pretty stressful start to the New Year I think
  6. Thanks for that. I think the sticking point for me at least is the fact that I was on the New Enterprise Allowance scheme. That lasts for 12 months and during that time I did not have to look for work etc. However it was made clear to me that at the end of the 12 month period I would be deemed to be on minimum wage even if I had no income. So in other words our UC would be cut regardless of income. My wife's health situation, without going into too much detail is that I cannot leave her on her own, certainly not for any extended period of time. This has been explained to DWP and is the main reason I wanted to go self employed. I can work from home and be here for my wife so it's a win both ways. Obviously helps if I have an actual income though! It's a work in progress but I will get there. I have no choice really. Thanks again for your help.
  7. To cut a long story short me and my wife have been receiving Universal Credit for the past 18 months. For the last 12 months of that period I have been on the New Enterprise Allowance scheme. The aim was to turn a busy website I own into at least a basic income. My wife has been declared unfit for work by both her own doctor and the DWP's assessor. As a result she was awarded a 'Limited capability for work and work-related activity' payment of £336.20 pm. Our total UC comes to £1531 pm. Thing is, as from January 1st 2020 UC will automatically assume I am on minimum wage...which I am not as it has been a bumpy ride and only recently has any money started to be generated from my business. So given that there will be an automatic assumption that I am on minimum wage and taking into account that my wife cannot work I am wondering what hit that will have on our monthly UC. I am guessing quite a massive one? The figures for our UC are as follows: My wife's Limited capability for work payment: £336.20 pm Standard rate as a couple: £498.89pm Our rent is £875pm and UC pay £696.48 of that. My calculation may be wrong but I think minimum wage per month is something around £1296? Also as a couple with only one person in work and one on the Limited capability for work and work-related activity list I think we have a "work allowance" i.e what money I can earn before our UC is affected of £287pm? After which we lose 63p for every £1 earned? Not sure how this will all pan out but wondered if anyone here might have experience of this sort of thing and would know approx, what we can expect come next month? MAny thanks.
  8. Just thought I would update on the outcome of this whole thing. Lowell failed to respond to the court within the 16 days allowed and so the court have determined that my offer of £10 per month is acceptable and have made an order to that effect. So now as long as I maintain the £10 a month, which I can do. Everything is sorted. Thanks again for everyone's input on this. Helps enormously to be able to discuss these things with people who are experienced in such matters and perhaps have been through the process themselves.
  9. Yeah that's what I thought. Why on earth come up to the apartment just to slip an unmarked envelope through and not even knock on the door? Anyway, not heard anything again today so hopefully Lowell have figured out this is a lost cause and will just accept my offer. If they don't I think it goes back to the court to decide?
  10. Just a quick update on this. So I did send the N245 to Oxford. Horsham had not even looked at it so didn't lose any money there. I phone the court on Tuesday to check on progress and they confirmed they had received the form and forwarded it to Lowell who has 16 days to respond. They also said they had notified the bailiff. So that was good, something happening at least. Then yesterday we had a letter pushed through the door, hand delivered, no postage and which was "Notice Of Visit By Bailiff" It went on to say: Thing is, we were at home. No one pressed the buzzer or knocked on the door. The letter was simply pushed through the letterbox. I emailed the address on the form and told them to check with the court and that the N245 had been submitted etc. Not heard anything back. Seems that bailiffs just carry on with their initial instructions regardless of what anyone tells them? Anyway, if they turn up again I am definitely not letting them in!
  11. No but Horsham is where the warrant was issued and on N245 it very clearly states to send the form to the court that issued the warrant. Oxford had nothing to do with the judgement or the warrant. On the warrant itself it states that payment of the amount due £212.25 should be made to the payment centre at Oxford but of course I am not paying that, I am applying for suspension of the warrant and variation of the order. As if it is not all stressful enough there is no clarity on where the damned thing should be sent! I will send another form to Oxford and be done with it.
  12. Too late. It already went to Horsham as per the instructions on the form. "send it to the court that issued the warrant" so that's what I did.
  13. So the N245 went to the right place (Horsham) or you think it should have gone to Oxford? The court system seems to be a complete mess in this country
  14. Just a quick update. I sent the N245 off to the court that issued the warrant (Horsham) but at the same time I emailed Brighton County Court because they handle all the admin for Horsham. I wanted to check that I was sending it to the right place. N245 states it should go to the court that issued the warrant. This morning I received an email from Brighton saying that That doesn't make sense to me because surely the court that made the order is the one that decides what to do with it? A bit concerned now because I don't want one court sending it to another and then another and so on.
  15. I didn't think that was something you did? Anyway, the advice was sound it was just Lowell weren't playing ball in my case. They didn't even show at the first court hearing but the judge let it proceed to a second hearing when it should have been thrown out there and then. Just bad luck on my part.
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