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Found 6 results

  1. Barclaycard will offer its customers free, regular access to their Experian credit score from Friday, This is Money can reveal. The credit card giant, which has 10.5million customers, will offer the service online and then roll it out to its mobile app from January. The credit card provider says the Experian tie-in aims to help customers 'understand their financial footprint and get on top of their finances.' Read more: http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/cardsloans/article-3323849/Barclaycard-gives-10-5m-customers-free-access-credit-scores-data-shows-six-ten-never-checked-it.html#ixzz3rwHBmhfT
  2. After years of paying back debts I've finally got myself into an ok position. I'm now looking to get a mortgage and so I've been subscribing to credit expert. On friday my credit score was 31 away from being good and this was great because I have paid down a couple of accounts and so when updated I was hoping this would push me over the edge! However yesterday I updated my address as I recently moved in with my mum so that I'm free to move quickly when I buy somewhere and I want to ensure I'm still on the Electoral register etc. This morning my score had gone down by 49, but as you can see from the attachment the comment bears not relation to the score going down! I know lots of people think credit scores are a fallacy but I know when mines been good I've got credit and when not so good I haven't! I called Experian and they said the score had gone down because of my new address pulling through a new account- this is a bank account I've had since 1998, no overdraft, no borrowing and always in credit. How is that a negative?! The person I spoke to could offer me no reasonable explanation! Does this seem right to you? Thanks.
  3. Can anyone tell me why there is such a huge difference in my credit reports regarding credit scoring please? Experion have me listed at a high "Good" and Noodle give me 1 out of 5! I have 2 outstanding Barclays debts left after years of "sorting" others out. One a current account of £450 and the other a Loan for approx £1200 the latter not paid due to Barclays helping themselves to proceeds from my current account for "charges" on said account which had been dormant for years. They had unbeknownst to me decided to invent an overdraft on the current account which I never used, because of some sort of "change of use" policy they implemented so this amount is all bank charges increasing at the last glimpse at £22 per week!!!! Spoke to them years ago without success and as the 2 accounts will be SB next year decided to let them stew. Nothing else negative showing on Noodle except that I do not have any borrowings (I thought that was the whole idea when getting out of debt!) and my existing current account/cell phone account etc all squeaky clean except no overdraft/credit cards or loans which seem to give you a better credit rating. I am hoping to get approx £2000 0% credit for eye surgery soon and I will be gutted if I am turned down over this. Anyone know what is going on?
  4. Hi, Well all my debts are now behind me with Lowell the last ones to acknowledge it was game over and sent me the letters to prove the accounts were now closed....well they were 10 years old. I bit the bullet and decided to see what my Credit File was like as for a couple of years things have been steady for me and I have been able to get credit. The reason I decided was I was offered credit at a good rate last year but this year just out of curiosity when I did an online cost checker at my bank, the interest rate offered was 29.9 percent..... My Credit score 783, showing as fair and I wasn't showing on the electoral roll so I queried this with the council and this was corrected. My score then went up to 838 which according to Experian is still only Fair. I have no defaults, all payments up to date going back several years with no late payments and still a fair amount of available credit left. The only possible thing I can think of is I had a Wonga loan 20 months ago as I had just had a big unexpected bill which would have meant an unplanned overdraftso in this instance, Wonga was cheaper than the fees. According to Experian I have no adverse info, all good accounts yet still only a fair score. Anybody any ideas on how this works ?
  5. Hi all I'm looking for advice on defaults / credit reports / scores as I'm getting totally confused. First a bit of history. Back in 2004 I got in a right mess with several different lenders totalling over 35K, all personal loans, CC's. I entered into a DMP with Payplan & although the first few years were a bit up & down, I finally finished that in May last year. During that time some of the debts were sold on to collection agencies, some were passed to other lenders when they were taken over, an Egg loan being one example. Because of the way the debts were handled, defaults were issued at different times, but the very last one has it's 6th birthday tomorrow. I have just done the free 30 day trial with Equifax & indeed only the one default shows, but they give me a credit score of 359. I read on here people with much more on their reports with higher scores, so I'm a little confused. CheckMyFile has my score with Equifax at 545. I am waiting for reports from Experian & Callcredit. Currently my report show's me up to date with Vodafone, Capital One CC, a new Capital One CC approved in the last couple of weeks, and no problems with my bank acc's, all this with no payments missed. It also shows one of my old debts with Northern Rock as 'arrangement to pay' but settled last year. Lastly it shows a settled loan with Co-Operative & a settled utility with BT. I am on the electoral register, havn't moved for 19 years so all good there. My red bits in Equifax score is the one default which reports an unpaid amount of £2200. This is all paid & done with & as of thursday no longer a part of my history, so should I expect to see a big improvement in my score? Many thanks in advance
  6. I'm a tad confused with the ratings the agencies seem to be giving and there either doesn't seem to be much consistancy between the agencies in terms of scoring or I am misinterpreting things. My story is this, all was going well until 2008/9 when I was made redundant. In a year I had notched up two CCJ's and a default was issued on my mortgage as I had no income other than JSA. My credit rating was destroyed. 4 years on and the CCJ's are now satisfied and the mortgage arrears all paid. Unfortunately the default on my mortgage will stay on my file for 2 more years and there is nothing I can do about that. In an attempt to monitor my credit rating I have been a paying member of credit expert for about a year and was quite happy with the improvements on my credit score, however, today my credit score dipped by 30 points on what appears to be no reason. No new searches, no changes to my credit file at all. This prompted me to sign up for 'Noodles' free service to see what they were saying about me and also to see what my score was. Credit expert - 906 (a fall from 935 last month, like I say I have no idea why) Noodle - 1 out of 5 The Noodle score has shocked me to be honest as I knew my credit worthiness wasn't great but 1/5? Really? Has anyone had similar experiences or can offer any advise? As it seems like all my hard work of getting things paid has been futile. All I can do is sit and wait for a few years for things to fall of my file.
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