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Found 5 results

  1. Hi All, I was involved in an accident last week, where my car has been classed as a CAT D write off, im buying it back and fixing it. However the thing that is most confusing is my finance settlement figure. My finance started July 2013 for 47 months at 115.07 and 1 at 265.07. I borrowed 3200 at %35.53 (i know but bad credit) and 29 payments done out the 48. Insurance paying out 2830 for the car buy back at scrap £400, Finance advised to my insurance company that 1995.99 as a settlement figure. Ive negotiated with my finance company to take 1500 to leave me that extra 495 to get the car sorted, and they have agreed to continue my monthly payments until the 495 is paid off. However to me the settlement figure is off, seems a bit high for whats left. i would of put my settlement figure around 1500-1600. I mentioned it just to my finance co and they told me trading standards can provide me the info if i wish to look into it.! Maybe im confused on my numbers so can someone clarify. Thanks
  2. Was the "How bailiffs are paid" discussion just a spoof thread to distract attention from the 15% MET bribe issue?
  3. Hello folks i thought i would tell my tale and i will keep updating and hopefully someone else may find my fight with the DWP useful. I have been waiting ages to get an operation on my knee. It really affects my day to day movements. So i was getting JSA up until the 28th Nov 13. My doctor then signed me off and wrote to the orthopaedic dept regarding getting surgery. These are the letters i then received. 18th Dec 13 i got the x-rays done. Surgery is needed. 19th Dec 13 told im on the waiting list. 6th Jan pre op assessment for the 29th Jan and operation on the 21st Feb 15th Jan letter from ATOS to attend medical 31st Jan . I phoned them and said it was pointless having a medical when im getting an operation 3 weeks later. Nothing we can do they said phone your benefit office. 21st Jan phoned the benefit office explained about my hospital appointments and operation. I was told to send copies of all my hossie letters and he would put on file that was my reason for not going to the medical. 22nd Jan sent copies of all letters to the benefit office. 22nd Jan letter from ATOS my medical was rescheduled for the 24th Jan . Phoned again explaining hossie and operation. Nowt we can do phone your benefit office. 27th Jan phoned benefits office explained again about hospital and informed them all letters were sent. 2nd Feb letter from DWP asking about my non show at the medical on the 31st Jan. Sent form back explaining about hospital again and told them all letters from the hossie were sent to them. 10th Feb letter from DWP ESA stopped because a decision maker said my reasons for not going to the medical on the 31st Jan were not good enough. Now this is meant to be the new efficient system. I am at a loss as to why i was to attend a medical when 3 weeks later im getting surgery on my knee. I have been taken of ESA because i missed a medical on the 31st Jan. That would be the medical that got rescheduled to the 24th Jan then. If i followed the way the DWP worked i would be having a new JSA claim from 1st Feb only until the 21st Feb when i would need to close the JSA claim and open a new ESA claim. This is to me madness and a waste of everyones time and money. I have written to my MP and i am awaiting a call from my benefits office today. In the meantime i now have no income and as my ops next week who would employ me? I shall keep yous posted. Cheers
  4. Decided to purchase a car tommorow from a private seller. It is a corsa and a R plate registration. Taxed and MOT tll april. Great for cheap motoring Just gone on to that price comparison site with that rodent and the quotes baffle me. Fully comp with a £350 Excess £342.00 Third party only £ 357.00 Confused.com
  5. I set up a repayment with the first payment going out on 1st September, payment was sent 1st but as it was a Saturday it reached them on 3rd. I have had no problems with anyone else. My plan was for the total of £658 I have paid them 4 months payments and I now owe £618 they say I owe £741 and broke the agreement. The thing is they have not once chased me for any money since this 'broken' agreement happened. I have emailed them multiple times but each time I get the 'please phone us' email. I have explained I will not be phoning them, asked for a breakdown and to reinstate the plan but nothing, just the generic email. What should I be doing?
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