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Found 8 results

  1. I have been waiting a couple of months for a migration from one energy supplier to another to be completed and get my final bill but I kept getting the same lame assurances that it will happen soon, could be aonther month etc. I found out that my old supplier, Greenstar, hadnt been given the electricity final reading so I got on to the new supplier, who assured me it had been forwarded. I found out that the numbers are passed through various middle men first and then put on a database where the oldco can look at it. Well, guess what? A company called SMS (smart meter
  2. Hello Everyone. I set up a direct debit for my road tax, but due to some severe financial upheaval, it failed following the first and second application. Will the DVLA allow me to try again to pay by direct debit? Or am I now stuck trying to find the full amount? I can call Monday but I'm really worried and hoping for some advice before then if possible. Thank you in advance.
  3. hello, not long ago I thought I'd get myself a second job and thought doing pizza delivery wasn't such a bad idea seen as I'd be getting free pizza's every night (sad i know) So I went and got my CBT, purchased a bike got it taxed and bought courier insurance to go along with it and away I went. A few weeks back I was involved in a head on collision with a van, it decided to cut in front of me from the opposite lane to turn into a side street with no indication as I was doing about 30mph thus I ended up smashing into his bonnet at full speed and straight onto the ground knocking me o
  4. I have been working selling data information for the past six months. For six months I have worked on a minimum wage whilst working towards commission. The commission target is set fairly high. During that six months I have become an expert at what I do. I have been rewarded monthly for winning conversions and lottery tickets for most sales in a week. I have worked diligently and earned myself some great testimonials from customers on LinkedIn. Six months in and this was the big one. I had two deals due to close this week that were huge. I’ve been workin
  5. My mum has severe mental health difficulties, which have a big effect on her financially. She's incapable of working but also of not spending money, so she had trashed her own credit rating long before she had kids. When I turned 18, I got my credit file for the first time and realised that she'd taken out a lot of debt in my name. I managed to get most of this written off, as I wasn't 16 at the time. I don't know how she managed it. She was even using a main bank account in my name, with an overdraft. My uni financial advisor recommended using an account like Littlewoods
  6. Almost 2 weeks ago we had a non-fault accident. As we were slowing down and indicated to turn right, there was a junction on the left where the driver did not stop in time, over shooting the junction and hit the side passenger door, it has left a dint, took the skirt off and left a scrape (nothing else, easily repaired) We informed our insurance company (kwikfit) who quickly passed us onto aviva (the underwriter) aviva collected the car from us 3 days later on the basis that it was going to be taken for the engineer to assess the damage to the car and repair if possible. We have
  7. Hello all, Long time lurker, first time poster. About 18 months ago, I upgraded my sim only deal with O2 via Phones4U to a two year full contract (with 'free' phone). At the time, I felt the upgraded fee was a bit pricey, but I was told there was an option to reduce the fee after a year, and upgrade my handset for 'loyalty' somewhere indeterminate down the line. It became readily apparent that the phone I was given as part of the deal was an absolute travesty (very cheap HTC model -with, at the time, surprisingly decent reviews online, in my defence). H
  8. OK. I know I've gone about this all wrong and I've been stupid. But I'm now in a horrible place and I'm worried sick. I had a small limited company (two directors) which hit the wall in the summer of 2011. I and the other director parted company (amicably in the circumstances) but we literally closed the office door and just walked away. Previously we had traded successfully for four years and we had paid all our bills. We had lost all our major contracts over a two-month period and the business was stuffed. We walked off owing one quarter's VAT and about six month's worth of Corporation
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