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Found 8 results

  1. I have been waiting a couple of months for a migration from one energy supplier to another to be completed and get my final bill but I kept getting the same lame assurances that it will happen soon, could be aonther month etc. I found out that my old supplier, Greenstar, hadnt been given the electricity final reading so I got on to the new supplier, who assured me it had been forwarded. I found out that the numbers are passed through various middle men first and then put on a database where the oldco can look at it. Well, guess what? A company called SMS (smart metering systems) based in Cardiff hadnt forwarded the reading given to them so they werent on the database. When I compained to them about their inability to do their job they said that it was a data flow problem insinuating that it was a computer glitch. What they meant is they forgot to do it. These third parties get paid handsomely for basically doing nothing and there is a chain of them involved, not just one. No wonder this country looks like it is struggling, we create methods of cocking things up that others simply couldnt comprehend.
  2. Hello Everyone. I set up a direct debit for my road tax, but due to some severe financial upheaval, it failed following the first and second application. Will the DVLA allow me to try again to pay by direct debit? Or am I now stuck trying to find the full amount? I can call Monday but I'm really worried and hoping for some advice before then if possible. Thank you in advance.
  3. hello, not long ago I thought I'd get myself a second job and thought doing pizza delivery wasn't such a bad idea seen as I'd be getting free pizza's every night (sad i know) So I went and got my CBT, purchased a bike got it taxed and bought courier insurance to go along with it and away I went. A few weeks back I was involved in a head on collision with a van, it decided to cut in front of me from the opposite lane to turn into a side street with no indication as I was doing about 30mph thus I ended up smashing into his bonnet at full speed and straight onto the ground knocking me out for a bit. I woke up in hospital hours later. Later that day the police arrived and oddly enough kept asking me about insurance. I said I had insurance but they told me that I didn't. I told them that is impossible as the payment was made in full etc and I never canceled my insurance. They came back to me shortly after speaking to the insurance firm and they told me that the insurance company canceled my insurance because I apparently failed to provide them my CBT. I contested and showed that I have a CBT etc, but the police where not interested and slapped me with the offense of driving without insurance, then they nicked the keys and took the bike away to a pound. After I got out of hospital I got on the phone to the insurance company, and they told me it states in their T&C that they have the right to cancel my insurance randomly at any point in the event that I fail to provide a copy of my CBT. They never sent me any letters, nor did they telephone or text me and I certainly have no emails from them asking me for a copy of my CBT. Do I have any hope in fighting the insurance company in court for the outright idiocy for not even having the courtesy to call the customer to tell them the insurance has been canceled and to stop riding the bike? They never even sent me a cancellation email, NOTHING! Any letters they may have sent would have been clogged up in the Christmas break, which is when they apparently canceled the insurance. (btw, still have not received any letters.) I am sure I now have a criminal record because of this, thus, ruining any future jobs in which a criminal background check is asked, which is almost everything these days. I was about to apply for a bus driving job and it specifically said, regardless of the offense, if you have a criminal record, you application will be automatically rejected. I am mortified right now. Any advice is appreciated at this point, thanks! MCE Insurance - https://www.mceinsurance.com/
  4. I have been working selling data information for the past six months. For six months I have worked on a minimum wage whilst working towards commission. The commission target is set fairly high. During that six months I have become an expert at what I do. I have been rewarded monthly for winning conversions and lottery tickets for most sales in a week. I have worked diligently and earned myself some great testimonials from customers on LinkedIn. Six months in and this was the big one. I had two deals due to close this week that were huge. I’ve been working on both these deals for months and together they were worth millions to the company plus a very hefty monthly commission to me. At last all my hard work was going to pay off. On Tuesday I received a call from my managing director instructing me to leave the office immediately. He told me it was over a gross misconduct matter and he would be emailing me. Stunned I went home and read the email. I have been accused of suggesting a client send me a cheque in my name…in other words attempted theft. I was informed they would phone me for a conference call in 24 hours. 24 hours of wondering what the hell was going on before I got a phone call from my director saying he had viewed the evidence and was dismissing me immediately. I strongly protested my innocence and asked to be furnished with this evidence. I reminded him that it would be impossible to try and rob the company because no transaction of data is released until a payment has been made. He said he would call me back in 24 hours. At this point I really believed he was listening to me and that he would see that someone else on the sales team had tried to set me up but 24 hours later he called and told me that after reviewing this case he was firing me under constructive dismissal. I did ask him to go to the police with these allegations. He was after all accusing me of committing a crime he said that because he’s changed my dismissal from gross misconduct to constructive dismissal there was no need to take it further. On Wednesday night I received a message from LinkedIn saying someone had attempted to get into my account. The IP address was from a Mac within my office area. On Thursday night I got an email from my line manager asking me to pick up my things from reception. I checked his IP address and it’s the same as the person who tried to get access my Linked In account. I messaged him back and told him that I knew what he had done. I got no response to that allegation. I have just found out that on Thursday, before I was officially sacked, my line manager took over my two large deals and closed them. This means he’s now going to get the hefty commission each month that I should have been getting. Obviously it’s a dirty company and because I haven’t worked there long enough, it seems there is nothing I can do. As far as I’m concerned this company has used me and fired me fraudulently to gain themselves a hefty amount of money. What’s more and this is the bit that really smarts; they have damaged my impeccable reputation with false claims of attempted theft. It seems that unless I have very deep pockets (and I don’t because I’m now unemployed) I can’t fight back. Any ideas ? Has something similar happened to anyone else?
  5. My mum has severe mental health difficulties, which have a big effect on her financially. She's incapable of working but also of not spending money, so she had trashed her own credit rating long before she had kids. When I turned 18, I got my credit file for the first time and realised that she'd taken out a lot of debt in my name. I managed to get most of this written off, as I wasn't 16 at the time. I don't know how she managed it. She was even using a main bank account in my name, with an overdraft. My uni financial advisor recommended using an account like Littlewoods to build up credit. I applied online, and was accepted with a £500 limit. I got into the habit of buying things and paying them back, to build up my rating. Long story short, I got hospitalised with illness and my mother started using the account. I've no idea how she got the details. Littlewoods increased my credit limit to £10,000, and my mother spent £7,000. She's sectioned now, and the owing amount is a little less than £5,000. I've paid the rest off. I can't afford to keep this up. t's £500 a month minimum, or a settlement figure that I just don't have. I explained the situation to Littlewoods on the phone a few months back, and that I'm not working at present and therefore cannot pay. It seems that they've lost patience today, and have marked several missed payments on my credit file. They are now writing to me demanding payment. The police have been useless, because my mum is sectioned. There is no realistic chance of conviction. She's done this to neighbours and friends, too, so it's not new to them. I was looking at getting a mortgage this year but I'm guessing that won't be possible with such a trashed rating. Is there anything I can do?
  6. Almost 2 weeks ago we had a non-fault accident. As we were slowing down and indicated to turn right, there was a junction on the left where the driver did not stop in time, over shooting the junction and hit the side passenger door, it has left a dint, took the skirt off and left a scrape (nothing else, easily repaired) We informed our insurance company (kwikfit) who quickly passed us onto aviva (the underwriter) aviva collected the car from us 3 days later on the basis that it was going to be taken for the engineer to assess the damage to the car and repair if possible. We have since found out that the car was actually taken straight to a salvage yeard nearly 3 hours away from us as the car had been written off, purely based on age and without an engineer even looking at the car, after speaking to both kwikfit and aviva, both have confirmed this, based purely on the fact the car is old (R Reg, 98) We feel we was purposely decieved by both Kwikfit And Aviva on this matter, we only agreed for the car to go on the basis that they was looking at repairing the car (as the damage is so small) When speaking to aviva (whom we are only dealing with now) they explained the car is a write off (have asked for an engineers report, still not recieved it) based on its age, regardless of what damage there is to the car. They wanted to offer around £800 for the car, this is abysmal! I explained the fact that it is quite a hard vehicle to get ahold of and does not sell for less than £2,000, most within the range of 2.5K, How ever as ours had an LPG conversion (cost over £1,000 in itself) and expensive alloys (£900) they should also be taken into account. Apparently, this is not on their list for modifications with the car, we have sent evidence to aviva to show that we did add the modifications to the car, to which they have accepted but now waiting to hear back from the underwriters again. Our youngest son is disabled, my partner is heavily pregnant and we have been unable to attend our sons hospital trips due to them taking the hire car off us stating that due to the delay, the third party insurance would not cover the cost of hire car. We find this an utter disgrade, our son has to been seen very often, usually once or twice a week, his school is 3 miles away, he can not walk far so at nearly 6 years old i am now carrying him to school and back everyday. I am wondering where we stand on the fact that they wrote the car off without even looking at it, While it may be an R reg its bodywork was in AMAZING condition, as was all the interior, the alloys and tyres were brand new, the LPG system only a year old. It is a Mercedez Benz V280 7 Seater 2.9L Any help would be apreciated
  7. Hello all, Long time lurker, first time poster. About 18 months ago, I upgraded my sim only deal with O2 via Phones4U to a two year full contract (with 'free' phone). At the time, I felt the upgraded fee was a bit pricey, but I was told there was an option to reduce the fee after a year, and upgrade my handset for 'loyalty' somewhere indeterminate down the line. It became readily apparent that the phone I was given as part of the deal was an absolute travesty (very cheap HTC model -with, at the time, surprisingly decent reviews online, in my defence). However, I dutifully waited, and asked whether I might upgrade it when 12 months had passed. I was told that I'd get an option to upgrade at the end of the contract. I then asked about reducing my contract fee, and they said the only I could pay less was to extend my contract for another year (losing my 'right' to upgrade in the process). In short, I'm now in a position where I'm having to pay an extortionate amount of money every month for the pleasure of owning a crappy phone that barely works, and I'll have to prolong the agony of using it if I want to pay slightly less every month. Is there a way out of this? I've considered simply writing to them to say I'm cancelling the contract, cancelling the standing order and starting afresh, which is probably incredibly stupid but I'm at wit's end (first world problems, I know). Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Best, LD37
  8. OK. I know I've gone about this all wrong and I've been stupid. But I'm now in a horrible place and I'm worried sick. I had a small limited company (two directors) which hit the wall in the summer of 2011. I and the other director parted company (amicably in the circumstances) but we literally closed the office door and just walked away. Previously we had traded successfully for four years and we had paid all our bills. We had lost all our major contracts over a two-month period and the business was stuffed. We walked off owing one quarter's VAT and about six month's worth of Corporation Tax. We have ignored any correspondence about the failed business. We haven't been chased too hard by any tax authority. We had no other creditors outstanding. It gets worse, much worse. I started to work for myself on 1 September 2011. I have not registered as self-employed. I just set up a one-man marketing and PR consultancy and started to work. I have not filled in a tax return for over two years and have ignored all warnings from HMRC re tax returns. Needless to say I have not paid any tax or NI since September 2011. I have copies of all invoices that I have raised since September 2011 and, with a bit of work, I can put together a record of business expenses against that income. Recently my finances have begun to pick up. I have put enough money on one side to cover the tax and NI that I think I owe since September 2011 but I am absolutely terrified about any penalties that I will have incurred regarding not registering as self-employed since September 2011 and my failure to submit tax returns. I can't sleep because of this. I want to put my affairs right with HMRC and NI. I never intended not to pay tax. But I am absolutely terrified about the penalties that may be coming my way. What do I do? I know I've been bloody stupid but here I am. Please help me.
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