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  1. Ok i'm away from now and be back mondayso will get docs sorted for next week. thanks so much for your help so far appreciated
  2. when you say all i have reams of the stuff can you clarify what document you want?
  3. Its only been over the last few years i've been recieving them When i tried to go down the ppi route with Welcome they replied that safestyle was like the agent for the ppi so its not their issue, the thing that annoyed me is theres no copies of the letter for the pro-rata refund i signed in their office. I just feel royally conned and don't know how to get out of it.
  4. I also just checked my credit report at both the creditexpert and noodle and there not listed in any form ?
  5. on th statment its headed ruddington notts
  6. heres a sheet of latet statement [ATTACH=CONFIG]59985[/ATTACH]
  7. The latest statment is 3 doublesided a4 sheets do you need them all ?
  8. I have one but they also sent me a settlement letter which is a joke why would i pay for a loan for 11 years when it should be ten year and then expect to pay £2800 some 700 more than the starting balance. I can post up the other info tommorow ? So what do i do next ? I'd be happy if i could just get them off my back and not hve to pay another penny.
  9. i think pre 2005 it wasn't regulated here a scanned doc [ATTACH=CONFIG]59982[/ATTACH]
  10. I have a copy i paid i think £10 for a copy of everything the company has on me, reason why i got this is i was trying to prove i signed a form in their office allowing them to get a refund on the payment protection, but sadly it was omitted, the only sort of proof i have but again not good enough to satisfy them, is i said until they sort the refund on the payment protection i wont be making a payment then in december of 2005 they have a record of me going into the office setting up a new direct debit for the full monthly payment this was at the time i signed for the pro-rata refund but they omitted that from the report i paid for. I was trying to prove the arrears was cleared with the refund so they should be no charges. I'm so scared right now.
  11. Hi yes origionally £2171 this was for 2 doors from safestyle uk
  12. Hi this is my first post to the group- My name is paul and live in york. Back in 2004 i took out a home inprovement loan via safestyle uk for the sum of 2171 over a priod of 120 months and i took out payment protectection at a cost £471. Shortly after taking the loan out as i was contracting my contract wasn't renewed, upon trying to claim againt my payment protection i was informed i wasn't covered as i was classed as self employed (shame they never told me this when charging me £471) i had a dispute with them as i wasn't working and wasn't covered after months of haggleing i got them to agree to a pro-rata refund which would go onto my account to clear the arears. I started and work shortly after and started to make full payments since then never missed a payment and i thought my payments were up to date. Then about 3 years ago i started to get your accounts in arrears calls to cut a long story short the payment protection refund never appared on my account and once again in dispute but i continued to pay. Last september 2014 my loan should have finished but was informed i actually owed more 10 years on than my actual loan amount. I have exhausted all ppi possibilities they claim they don't have anything on the pro-rata refund despite me signing a form in their york office. the FOS say as its pre 2005 theres nothing i can do, welcome say it was sold via safstyle so they wouldn't be responsible even though i thought i was dealing with Welcome in their office. currently despite paying for 11 years my £2171 loan stands at £2852.77 i told the lady at welcome i had just had a stroke and couldn't deal with this at the moment. she turned round to me and said well as long as you relise if you die the debt gets passed onto your familly. This has really upset me i don't know what to do Surely they cant charge me for 11 years on a 10 year loan and actually owe more money. This loan if continues will never be paid off ? Please if someone can help i don't want this debt hanging over me or if i die want it passed on to loved ones. Apparently i have already paid 7000 on this loan.
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