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  1. How do I deal with the defence issues of Limitation Act. given that the money was paid in error?
  2. The issues of statute barred and money made by mistake still remains outstanding as one site Team member says he could help drafting the Particulars of claim to reflect make by mistake which was exactly what it was. Could I get help on this?
  3. Sorry, I meant, to file PC. Forgot to tick the box to file PC
  4. No. I have made a mistake in the online claim form by not ticking the box to file a defence, Although defence were sent but defendants say I will not be able to rely on it in the court . I have now done another N244 to file a defence and awaiting court response
  5. The claim still at CCB Centre and not been allocated yet as I am waiting the court response
  6. Landlord request. Compensation determined through VOA relative to number of years in the premises. Please dot confuse this rent paid by error or overpayment of rent.
  7. Consent order had absolutely nothing to do with this statute Barred. Consent Order was to do with Notice to quit to which i was paid 4k. I was asked to produce letter by your site team 'Bank Folder' where the L/G had denied liability and shifted liability to the agent. The letter had however raised issues with previous case I had with L/G (which was Notice to quit compensation ) and the L/G are now trying to rope the consent order case into this new issue to avoid liability.
  8. Yes! the council twisted things around by making themselves first defendant as against my PC.
  9. Thank you for coming back. I already sent council defence together with my PC. Here is the agent defence. CAG agent def092019.pdf
  10. BankFolder, How can one have a consent order completed in 2016 for £4K and the same person trying to settle out of court with you in 2019 for £700.00. You are just in-patient in understanding my claim. I have given you all you asked for about this case as I cannot do otherwise if I want help. Now you given up on me? Got it all wrong mate! I have there somebody there who can see my reasoning.
  11. That is not the case at all. The consent Order had nothing to do with this matter. The part of the letter you are concerned with is the Last paragraph of that letter please. The consent Order was 2016 in respect to notice to quit. We are in 2019 now This issue is over-payment which you think it should be money paid by mistake. The letter was addressing over payment but were trying to avoid liability for the issue of rent made by mistake, that was why the letter was referring me back to the agent at the last paragraph in shelving their responsibility. The reasons why this matter has prolong and thrown me into so much confusion.
  12. L/A reject my claim sent me back to the agent when claim was issue against the two defendants the L/A offer settlement for 700pds which I rejected. I went to the omnudsman, I was rejected because my claim was over 12months. Yes the law firm mention limitation Act but will not take it up because it will cost me more than l will be claiming. Advised me round drafting the claim.
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