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  1. Not sure if I have posted this in the right place? Apologies if not! I'm currently working through my credit file and found a default from 2012 for £200 from when I was a representative briefly. I have contacted AVON and said: In April 2012 I was briefly signed up as an Avon representative at my previous address XXXX. I placed a couple of orders but then my personal circumstance changed and I was not able to continue, and I moved house shortly afterwards. I had some outstanding products to return from a couple of customers who didn’t pay for their orders
  2. Thank you for the replies. I strongly suspect the JD Williams is statute barred but I don't know how to prove it? I don't have any correspondence to or from JD Williams, I've ignored them for years and they've pretty much left me be except for the odd letter, but I'm trying to be responsible and sort it all out so they can't keep their horrible hold over me, my husband (not the ex I mentioned) has never had a late payment in his life and hates the bad credit hanging over us - we can't currently get a mortgage because of my history. I'm not sure what other in
  3. Not sure where to start with this one. After a period of terrible financial decisions (or more aptly completely ignoring financial issues) after the breakdown of my marriage, I am now trying to tackle my financial situation head on and trying to fix my credit record. I have 3 defaults showing on my account, all to Lowell Group. One is for a debt of £1900 for JD Williams catalogue in 2008. I opened and account and my ex-husband bought a ton of stuff on my account, and like many of his debts to me, didn’t pay it. I had contacted JD Williams back in 2008/9
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