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  1. Can anyone guide me pls?
  2. Thanks for the reply. Are you suggesting to write the same letter to the Next?
  3. Hi many thanks for the reply. Yes it looks like very general letter, telling me nothing much about the debt. Is there any specific letter/template to proceed further?
  4. Hi Guys, following this useful forum, I enquired from LOWELL about unrecognised debt. Kindly follow the attachment. My Letter to Lowell Lowell Reply I have following unanswered questions please: 1. I had an account with NEXT long ago which I regularly used but then stop using it as I stayed outside country for 6 Months. I can now recognised the account. But I never had any debt/dues with the next when I stopped the account. I had limit of 1000 GBP but didn't feel the need of buying on credit. I can recognized the account but dispute the debt. What should I do? 2. LOWELL says that they sent me some sort of letter on the 7th Nov, 2013; but I never received any letter from them and only found out about the debt through credit file. 3. Lowell asked for further 12 days to hear from the NEXT. If I don't hear anything in due time, what should I do? Please reply as the debt is so small but it is affecting my rating so badly
  5. Hi guys, I have been silent reader of the forum and I must say that the shared information/experiences is very helpful indeed. I wonder if anyone could help me with my situation please. I requested my Credit File from Equifax and found 3 default accounts in it which has latterly messed up myrating sadly. I was into financial mess during 2012 and on the top my father’sill health forced me to abruptly travel to my home country in July 2012 due to which I could not keep track of my finances. 1. Lowell Portfolio Ltd Current Balance: £72, Default/Delinquent Balance: £120 Start Date:01/11/2010, Default Date: 13/04/2012, Date Updated 23/01/2014 Remarks: I have got no clue that what is this default about. This default is totally unrecognized to me and I have never received any sort of letter from this company. What shouldI do in removing this default or to acknowledge them about it? 2. Virgin Media Group Current Balance: £61, Default/Delinquent Balance: £61 Start Date:26/02/2011, Default Date: 24/08/2012, Date Updated 27/09/2012 Remarks: I have used Virgin Media in the past and before leaving the country I rang them amid April 2012 to request the final bill due to 2 month early termination of the contract. But to date I didn’t receive nothing in papers/post from them.Further, I do not have any signed agreement with them as I renewed the contracton phone which expired on my previous address. Regardless, I am happy to pay the amount as it’s not a lot provided that if I could somehow remove default from my file. 3. Lloyds Bank Current Balance: £274, Default/Delinquent Balance: £274 Start Date:06/01/2006, Default Date: 10/05/2012, Date Updated 25/06/2012 Remarks: This is genuine default sadly, and the balance is Overdraft amount which I failed torepay. I am in position of repaying the amount in full in one go but only if I manage to remove the default. Again, as I left the country and my previous address in July, I did not receive any notice from them otherwise I would havehad split the amount to avoid the default. Could anyone kindly assist me a way out in removing these defaults from my file? Cheers.
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