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  1. Hi My partner and I are looking into equity release. He is nearly 65 and I am 52. As I am underage they have said that i would need to take my name off the deeds. My question is how expensive is this and how do you go about it Many thanks
  2. Thanks for the replies, will try and find the necessary form to send to the court. How do I stand timeframe wise ? are bailliffs going to turn up on the 23rd or is it a process that will give me a little time to get the forms sorted ?
  3. Hi Can someone advise me please - my OH withdrew his defence on production of the correct documents by the clamant and requested to the court that he be allowed to pay at amonthly rate. The judgement came back saying full amount by the 22nd of this month we wrote and requested that the judgement be amended. Not heard anything back yet. The claiman Global Arrow has since written saying they will not accept monthly payment unless we fill in a form of income/expenditure etc and enclose bank statements etc. My question is - can they do this and as it is my OH debt can they ask for my information as well ? Any adice appreciated as need to get back to them today as the deadline is the 22nd Many thanks
  4. forgot to mention he has also requested info and it has not been received so he is assuming it has gone to someone else also. The letter from cohens was to my OH but at the totally incorrect address in a different part of the country.
  5. Hi all, things have been pretty quiet on this side of things and I admit i slacked and didnt apply for a strike out. Today in the post we received a large envelope of statements and a copy of my oh's app form, it was all illegible anyway but no t's and c's or apr mentioned BUT (and this is a good one.......................................it was sent onto us by a random person who is also in dispute with messrs cohen etc and all the info had been sent to him instead! He is intending to challenge under the DPA so i need to know what action should i take........... i was going to write a letter to cohens pointing out that i will decline their invitation to withdraw the defence and was going to copy the court in but i want to go about it the right way and make the most of their ineptitude to anyone's input on this would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Perdita
  6. Hi all - sorry not been on but been inhospital and ordered to take things easy for quite a long time Anyway I got the letter off declining the offer, told them what i would accept and lo and behold a cheque arrived by return !!! Jason - Im not the best person to ask on this sort of thing as I have absolutely no idea why they suddenly dropped the case. If you havent done already I would start a thread of your own as this might not get anyones attention on this one as it has been editted as discontinued. If you do that someone will be sure to give some advice Good luck with it. P x
  7. Thanks Supa - I have looked through all the papers and you are correct in as much as the only reference to a small claims is the AQ. I think I will write back pointing all that out and stating a figure I will settle at and see what they come back with. Can they hold me to the 7 days thing? The reason I ask is that i go in hospital for an op on monday so although I will get the letter off tomorrow I wont be able to respond to anything else for a few days at least. Should i put without prejudice on the letter?? P x
  8. Ok I sent the bill of costs and N252 on Thursday by recorded and got a reply by return this morning. I was claiming £562 - this is the reply " We consider the amount to be excessive and disproportionate to the claim. We cannot envisage how you can justify 63 hours of time on this matter. We would also state that had the matter proceeded to a final hearing the matter would have been dealt with by the small claims court where ordinarily only modest costs would be allowed to the successful party. Accordingly to avoid the need for a formal assessment of costs wea re prepared to offer you £200 in full settlement of your costs. This offer will remain open for for 7 days" What are peoples thoughts on this? Disbursements on the claim were £56 the rest being time. Their bill of costs came to nearly £700 being 5 hours at £139 per hour. Thanks Px
  9. Thanks guys - lady at the courts actual words were "the trial was vacated" Will get on with the costs first and then tackle the PPI P x
  10. Thanks Andy Citizen - I spoke to the court yesterday and they say they dont send out any confirmation as they received the same letter from the claimant advising of discontinuance so I presume it is just safe to file it away with the rest and thats the end. Now doing wasted costs - does anyone think its worth a punt toask for the PPI back?? amounts to about £1400 - i cant be bothered to do it through the court now Ive got this far to closure with them but just thought it may be worth mentioning it and saying i intend to claim it - what are anyones thoughts?? P x
  11. Hi Pipster Sorry it didnt go too well for you on Friday. In my VERY limited experience I have learnt to make the defence as simple as possible and in laymans terms. Stick to the points and dont get too bogged down in references to cases as anything you put in your defence youy may need to argue about it in court. If you have a look back at my thread that you have subbed to and see my original defence and then post 36 you will see Andyorch simplified it very much for me. Good luck, I will keep watching P
  12. How did you go on Pipster?? Im trying to sort out my costs now. Quick question, with regards to the PPI that they have not provided any proof that I requested - does it need to be claimed officially or do i just try my luck when claiming wasted costs?? P x
  13. Letter from Lowells saying Cap One have advised agreement no longer available so they have closed the account unless agreement turns up in the future - a result I think P x
  14. Shock !!!! Sent letter as above No 91, trial set for 1st March, letter received from Restons this morning with a notice of discontinuance in conclusion of the proceedings.and they have asked the court to vacate the hearing . Is that it?? Do I just file it and await the next DCA letter or have they written it off? P x
  15. This has been adjourned until July due to my ill health and upcoming op Will keep you posted Px
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