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  1. I have continually asked for colour photocopies of the agreement so that we can all have a view on who may have ticked the PPI-yes-please box. I've told all of them that I wish to examine this and if the colour of the ink of my signature is different from the colour of the ink that box was ticked in, I might make a complaint to the police about fraud if it were ticked in a different colour. Of course, a black inked signature and a black tick (for example) doesn't prove they didn't tick it either - but when I lost my job in 2006 and rang to tell them with my world falling a
  2. Were / Are MBNA allowed to 'default' the account in December 2013 AFTER they'd assigned it, supposedly 'lock,stock & barrel' in the autumn of 2012. Surely they'd have given up the right to be able to do this once they'd ("assigned") sold the debt on Or did they only say that they did but didn't / couldn't. And the rule is onlt MBNA could add this notice??
  3. I've just had a look at Noddle which gives the date of default as 13/11/13 - so irrespective of what I say or so I'm lumbered with it until December 2019?? And then like the tracks on a tank it will just roll off the end and disappear? 10+12+11 months from now and nothing I can do about it - except add the counter statement that the CRAs likely won't publish anyway? Risible. But let's look at it another way - while they're effectively stopping me from getting credit somewhere else, they're doing me a favour. I am not stupid enough to want or need a pay-day lo
  4. I still need tips on how I can force Arrow Global to take down the default notice. If they were to take me to court, the action would fail and as such it would HAVE TO be removed - as it stands, this is like a score draw. Sure, I don't have to pay what's outstanding but I get punished as though I am entirely guilty - which I would vehemently protest I'm not, BTW. Had IDEM honoured the agreement I reached with MBNA back in 2006, I'd have paid the agreed short settlement in 2013 rather than nothing at all.... Any suggestions? Anyone? Edited to add: I don't care
  5. The right to see the DEED of assignment listing what part(s) of any agreement has been transferred is covered by the Pelias case: Lord Denning states in the Pelias Construction Case (Van Lynn Developments v Pelias Construction Co Ltd 1968 [3] All ER 824) where he said the debtor is entitled to "view the sale agreement to ensure that the assignee can give him good discharge under the contract." Reciprocally, the OBLIGATIONS under a contract MAY also be assigned - which is another reason why the other party (in my case with MBNA that would be ME) is entitled to see who is responsibl
  6. Any tips on how I can force Arrow Global to take down the default notice??
  7. I am at work so can't answer fully until later when IDEM said that they don't have to honour previous agreements, I asked about the PPI - they said that this was nothing to do with them and referred me back to MBNA... . MBNA gave me all my PPI premiums back at the end of 2013 themselves - around 18 months after they'd "assigned the agreement, lock stock & barrel" - I asked to see the DEED of assignment. Nothing happened - then they sold it on. The more I've read on these forums, the more I realise that they did not comply with the law so many ti
  8. No. I came to an arrangement in 2006 with MBNA in which MBNA said that at any point in the future, I would be able to settle for 40% of the by then outstanding balance (eg at the 'settlement point' - 4 grand outstanding would be 16 hundred, 3 grand would mean settled for 12 hundred, 2 grand left would mean settled for 800). When the 40% figure came within striking distance, IDEM told me that they wouldn't have to honour that - so I stopped paying in May 2013 - they defaulted it in December 2013. Interesting may be that I never cancelled my standing order to MBN
  9. The default was added by IDEM servicing in December 2013. Edited to add that when I received another NOTICE of assignment from IDEM to Arrow, the default disappeared for 2 months (Jan and Feb last year); then it came back as showing money owed to Arrow.
  10. I'm pretty sure this can be done using the law / courts if necessary - my problem is that I don't know what laws to cite and I don't have the funds to go and see a specialist solicitor.... The story in brief: I had a credit card with MBNA. MBNA (improperly [i believe]) assigned the debt to IDEM in 2012. IDEM and I fell out in 2013 - I stopped paying. We went through the tos and fros of asking them to provide paperwork. They couldn't - they defaulted the debt in December 2013 and (improperly [i believe]) assigned the debt on to Arrow Global at the end of 2015. Arr
  11. The registered keeper is not necessarily the legal owner of the vehicle. The keeper is responsible for tax and insurance of the vehicle - but that doesn't mean it is his property to sell or have seized, does it? And not that I am facing anything like this at all, my wife paid £800 for the L reg car (now 23 years old) I drive back in November 2006. She paid by cheque. She cannot "prove" she paid for the vehicle nor can I, but it doesn't mean that I as the keeper own it or could have it siezed, does it?
  12. Hi Spamhead, Thank you for your post - really helpful and it seems to fit in with what I remember from 2010 when this first went to sleep. Right now I am in the throes of moving home (some time next week). I have found a couple of letters from 2010 and indeed one recently telling me that the PPI is nothing to do with Arrow so I still owe them the money, yada, yada, yada - so the bit on those threads about the OBLIGATIONS as well as the rights from any assignment comes in to this .... Trouble is, all the letters are now in a box ready for me to move home. There ar
  13. Hi, I had an Egg loan way back in 2004 for £10k. Egg added £1,750 to the loan for PPI making the total I signed for £11,750. Cutting a long story short I ran into financuial trouble in 2008 but made an arrangement to pay reduced amounts (actually ignorant of the existance of the PPI - I'd forgotten I had it - and Egg conveniently forgot to remind me.... but no matter). However, when I became aware in 2010, I started asking difficult questions eventually culminating in Direct Legal & Collections writing to say to stop paying. The total remain
  14. Hi there, Can anyone give me an idea how Barclays Bansk SHOULD calculate then apply interest on a home improvement loan with an APR of 26.7%? Should they calculate interest daily which is compounded after having taken off any payments or do they do this calculation monthly. The reason why I ask is it appears that Barclays have lost AT LEAST TWENTY weekly payments from a home improvemements loan where we were supposed to be able to over-pay - and although they have 'found' the lost payments, they have tagged them to the end of the statement and allowed just £27 in overcharged in
  15. Hello everyone, If I've put this in the wrong place, please can one of the mods move it to the right place and accept my apologies.... Back in July, Mrs S43 invited a double glazing rep around to the house in order to have the remaining few windows we still have single glazed replaced with double glazing - we had used the same company twice before, first for the upstairs, then the patio door and rear lower windows and this time we wanted a couple of lower fronts and the 2 external doors (front & side). At points in the past, she had been offered and used a Barclays 'home im
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