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  1. Wow your quick. This is where I get mixed up. All advice I've seen says send a SAR and if defult notice is missing it means debt is unenforceable so you can get them to remove the default. I have got credit report and rather worryingly I have green question marks followed by 8 in red circle. Why would I have green question marks on payment history ...either they keep file upto date and they know what's going on or they don't... Ill get photos up later so you can all see for yourself I've seen tons of templates that suggest missing defult letters are key...but if they aren't legally obliged to keep them then why send petter at all? Headscratch
  2. I'm getting all in a muddle. I read its possible then I read the oposite Basically I sent SAR to halifax and egg. Both packs came back and both were missing the defult notices that appear to be the key to success in removing defults My phone call to halifax yesterday suggested she will only send templates and Basically I had terms and conditions so the defult notice wouldn't matter anyway Can you get defults removed or is it pipe dream? They were dated 2010 when I was out of work and too young/inexperienced to know that mistakes made now would cost me so much in future. (Trying to move home) Any help would obviously be amazing and any more details you may need ill add. Thanks gyus
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