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  1. Thank you. I am just so worried about a jail sentence. I am hoping and praying they are satisfied with the 3 months they have specifically asked about.
  2. Hi honeybee and thank you also for taking the time to reply. I think the overpayment for the period they have referenced will be about 3000. Having sat and looked at incomings and outgoings this morning with ny partner I think I would be able to repay this within a year. I am also already looking into upping my hours to nearer full time if I can, in order to facilitate paying this back. My main concern is although they have only asked about a recent few months, what if they look at everything I have ever claimed. It was be around 30,000 I think. Would they not impose a cu
  3. Thank you very much for taking the time to reply. I have spoken to my partner this morning so he is now aware of the full extent of my situation. The hmrc adviser said I would receive a letter within the week stating the amount of overpayment. I am going to try and not worry until then see what the letter says. If invited to interview etc I will be upfront with a full disclosure. I just hope this will be enough for them to go down the route of recovery of the overpayment and not send me to jail.
  4. Good morning, I have found this site via various google searches and really hope someone can help. I have been claiming ctc & wtc as a single person but have a partner living with me. Stupid I know. It was always a case of I will let them know but never have. I have become totally reliant on the money due to large debt issues, payday loans, doorstep loans etc. No excuse, Im just rubbish with money and an idiot. Yesterday I received a letter from HMRC compliance saying they have reason to believe Mr X is living at my address and wish to check a 6 month period of
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