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  1. Thank you I received the better back on saturday that they've completed the checks and she's updated our income to what I told her in the letter and that's the check complete. I can't tell you how relieved I am all that dread and fear of the unknown has gone and I actually got into bed and slept not lying there thinking things through all night. Couldn't of came at a better time were currently enjoying my kids 3rd birthday I can't actually enjoying myself now I have learnt my lesson thou to always check
  2. I didn't think it would of been a massive over payment as I did a calculation after I got the letter and what I'd already received in payments was similar to what I was entitled too obviously I've been paid 2 much working tax credits so there taking that back from and child taxi would still be entitled too. I honestly don't even want to apply for it any more my maternity end in January and I'm hoping to go back to work then so with a bit of luck mine and my partners wage we wouldn't need to claim itsjust going to be a struggle now untill we work out how to budget better
  3. Yer I've obviously been getting 2 much working tax credits which caused an overpayment the over payment has been taken out of what I was entitled to for the rest of the year and l owe them £8 I won't have a payment from them now untill the new tax year starts in April? At least that's what I'm thinking? The man I spoke to said there's no payments showing. I thought they would of wanted the documents off me before sending a closing letter? I hope I get home tomorrow to that waiting in my letter box and it all being good news
  4. I really hope so I feel a bit relieved but I still have the dread hanging over me that it's not
  5. I hope they see it like that too! Ive just been onto online chat to see if there was any update on my account n my payments have been stopped as there has been an over payment of working tax it's been taken out of my entitlement of child tax and that theres an outstanding balance of £8.73 they said there has been a closing letter sent to me? Do you think thats it all finished now
  6. The info that came with the compliance check said you could have a penaltity of up to £3000
  7. I no they do that with over payments just not sure about the penalties they charge you for giving wrong information
  8. That's exactly what I'm doing I told the truth in the letter I sent back. I'm will to comply. I no for a fact I'll end up with a fine from them do they expect it in one big chunk?
  9. I asked them if there was a way of sending it online thou? I did also confirm this year's average earnings
  10. Yer I no but I did explain in my letter about the pay slips will they not mention that in the reply if they can be emailed over? Also will they care that we've misplaced his p60 considering they will no our yearly income?
  11. I've just checked the online account with the form tracker and it now says expect responce
  12. Hi all I'm in such a huge mess and so scared right now! I realised my partners wages were incorrect on my tax credits and rather than doing the sensible thing by ringing them and telling them this I just kept updating my claim each week a little bit higher which also triggers lots of one off payments as I was scared if I told them it was wrong by 11000 I would be fined so I thought a sensible thing to do would be updated weekly untill it was the right amount! Back in August I received a compliance letter asking for various information one being our p60s I haven't rec
  13. I don't think I could face a phone call with them knowing I'm in the wrong
  14. No I don't I haven't got access to a computer or a printer to do this I explai ed it all in the letter I sent them. They received it all on the 14th September if anything bad was going to happen would I of heard by now? I've still been paid my tax credits on a weekly basis aswell I just wish this was over with
  15. I no. I can't help but worry I'm absolulty petrified I just want it over with! I've done wrong I'm probably going to be sent to court i really can't go through this
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