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  1. No nothing has changed. The only reason i'm "worried" is because of the certain someone who has falsely reported me before, I had a compliance interview over the phone and nothing more was ever mentioned.
  2. Hi, Just wondering if anyone can shed any light on this letter i received on Friday. It is from my local job centre. It says: "We regularly conduct benefit health-check reviews to confirm you are receiving your correct entitlement to Income support. You will be aware that changes in your circumstances can affect your claim to Income Support. The purpose of my letter is to explain that if there has recently been a change and you want to report this or declare that you are starting work you can do so by ringing..... If there are no changes, to enable me to confirm that your benefit i
  3. Thankyou! I'm sick of everything being a waiting game, she didn't say it would be passed on just that nothing will really happen they just have a duty to follow up allegations. x
  4. Hi, I had my telephone local customer compliance interview yesterday, someone (i know exactly who) had reported that my boyfriend was staying in my home every night (not true!). She asked me if i knew him which i said yes he is my boyfriend, but we only see each other on a weekend. Asked how long we had been together (7 month roughly) and if we had any plans for the future, which we don't yet we have far too much going on separately! Told her i knew exactly who would have reported me, told her about the person, and she said "oh dear". Anyway she obviously read everything out t
  5. Thankyou! The women did say its to check im on the right benefits and getting what i should, so hopefully that's what it is! I have read a lot of people say its to do with malicious calls though aswell. I know someone else who has one on the same day, during the same timescale as me so hopefully its just a few reviews!
  6. Hi, I received a letter last week for a ' Local Compliance Telephone Interview'. The call will take place in just over 2 weeks. The letter says the telephone interview has been arranged because your circumstances may have changed and we need to ensure your payments are correct. On the back it says i need my bank statements at hand and any savings or pensions (which i don't have!). I rang the women who will be doing the interview to change my mobile number as it was wrong, i asked her what the interview was for as i had never heard of it. She said "its just to check your getting / on the
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