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  1. Actually, I like most people I interact with on fb. Anyway, no further purpose is served by me further contributing to this thread. I said I'd come back to let people know the result of the interview. My suspicion is that most of these compliance interviews are not routine. My advice to people is to retain their old bank statements. This would most probably have been all over with me if I hadn't thrown them out. I've learnt my lesson. And I've also learnt to not specify my location in fb. Bye.
  2. @Lapsedwokaholic, I have no idea what that word salad means. If you have any objections to any of my posts, then paste in the part you disagree or have issues with, then provide details as to why you disagree.
  3. Baz, I have no idea what your problem is? What is the purpose of your posts to me? The net is choc a block with people like you who do not answer questions, apparently understand nothing, go off on a tangent, and generally say nothing of any interest whatsoever. Yes, I shouldn't be wasting my life attempting to converse with the likes of you.
  4. I will have problems if my benefits are not paid next time since I won't be able to pay my rent! And my benefits are due before she'll have received these bank statements. So I have that huge worry, just for starters. Hyperbole can convey one's mind state. I don't see why I have to agree with everything anyone ever says on the net, just so they won't cause trouble! I note the town where I live was publicly available. Anyway, what you say fails to address the utter disgrace of random individuals, throughout the world, being able to maliciously report benefit fraud and they can s
  5. Sorry Bazza, I'm not interested in your asinine games.
  6. Yes Tom, that would be preferable. Although it needn't be one or the other. My main complaint was the fact that a total stranger on the net who knows nothing about my personal circumstances -- what job, if any, I have, whether I'm on benefits etc -- is allowed to ruin my life. I mean shouldn't it be a neighbour, someone who I know personally etc?
  7. As I said, nothing should be done about reports of benefits fraud from the public. I don't see the purpose when we have much bigger fish to fry. Or rather, I do see the purpose, the purpose is to deflect attention from the nefarious activities of the rich.
  8. The tax-payers are losers from benefit fraud. But vastly bigger losers from rich peoples' fraud. As I said, it's the bottom 50%, owning 8% of all wealth, fighting over the crumbs left. It's someone saying, I want more of the cake! But not from the people who have 90 odd% of it, I want more cake from those who have even less than me! It's a question of priorities. We ought to be vastly more concerned about the tax evasion and fraud from the richest people. *That* should be the Government's priority.
  9. People reporting fraud need to be held accountable. It is preposterous to suggest that it's desirable that anyone who throws a hissy fit can ruin someone else's life at whim. If the Government find it so impossibly difficult to differentiate between such spurious claims and valid reports, then of course reporting fraud from members of the public shouldn't be an option. And what's the point anyway since the amount of fraud involved in benefits is miniscule compared to the amount of fraud committed by big corporations and the very wealthy? 50% of the UK population have 92% of all wealt
  10. Let's be clear here, a total stranger who can be from anywhere in the world, can "report benefit fraud" when they do not know if that person is on benefits, have no reason to think they are, and even if they are on benefits have no reason to think any fraud has been committed by that person. Indeed, their sole motivation is because of some argument about politics or whatever on facebook. And the Government allows this. It is utterly immoral and disgraceful beyond all measure.
  11. SAR? No idea, know nothing about this sort of stuff. What I find incredible is that some random person on the internet, just because I disagree with him, can decide to ruin my life by making up stuff about me. I would have thought the person would have to know me in real life, live in the same area etc! It's just utterly farcical.
  12. I telephoned yesterday my bank for 2 bank statements, and the lady said they would be sent out. No mention of a charge. Anyway, I thought I'd make sure they will definitely be sent out by messaging them on their site today. Just got a reply saying they'll deduct £10 for the 2 statements and if I respond agreeing, they'll send them out. Ok, so this is confusing. Do banks charge for old bank statements, or don't they? The compliance officer said they won't charge me, but I expressed my scepticism towards her. As I thought, she was talking bollox.
  13. I've come back from the interview. Someone had reported me for working whilst claiming benefits. She asked me why do I say I'm self-employed on facebook and twitter. Umm . .forgot all about that . .I neglected to alter them. I have an account on twitter, but haven't used it for months. It looks like it was someone on facebook who's reported me. I get into arguments about politics on there, including the disgraceful inequality in modern western societies. Couple of people pestering me about what work I do and that I must be on benefits. They might well have said this before I went on ben
  14. Hmmm . .even online I note I can only access the previous 6 months of transactions. If she wants further back then I'm screwed.
  15. The interview is tomorrow. I left her a message around a week ago on her phone asking about the documents I need to bring. She rang up this morning while I was at the shop and left a message. I note she said I need bank statements (in the plural). I can only find my most recent one, and that covers the period from the 8th Nov 2017, to 14th Feb 2018. All the older one's I'll have thrown out. Will this suffice? Maybe at the jobcentre I could access my online bank account from there and show her?
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