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  1. Hey Will, Thanks for the reply. It's funny you mention that because I decided not to pay anything at this stage. However, how will I know when the bailiff has returned the account to the council? Jake
  2. Yes dx100uk that's what I'm doing right here in this forum. I'm not sure why you persist with this unhelpful and somewhat antagonistic attitude.
  3. Hey guys, Thanks for your responses, it's much appreciated. London1971 - do you think the councillor could clear the actual council tax or only the enforcement costs? Jake
  4. Hi there, I moved from Welwyn Garden City to Bristol last year for treatment purposes in relation to my health. I failed to notify Welwyn Hatfield Council of my move initially and there was an outstanding payment of council tax for £78. With costs this is now £462.49 I have Marstons at my door. I am dealing with tons of things at the moment. If I phone the council payment telephone line and pay off the £78 and the council costs, which make a total payment of around £150 would that help my case, and would it look good if the bailiff returns the d
  5. Very few cases or precedents have been set at any court level regarding this emerging area of the law. The area of law I'm talking about is consumer and commercial law within the education sector. Jake
  6. Have today been successful in getting the judgement in default set aside. Automatic discontinuation of enforcement proceedings. Case allocated to small claims track for trial. Claimant did not oppose application. I'm hoping my skeleton argument convinced them that I was serious and capable of defending. I now have 3 weeks to submit defence, with trial date set for six weeks time. Thanks again to everyone who has offered advice. This is an emerging area of the law and very few legal precedents have been set so far. Will contin
  7. Hi dx100uk, What a silly thing you just said. I resent the accusation that I am being selfish because I do not wish to disclose my defence in my case with the University who is claiming something they are not entitled to. If I choose to not disclose my defence that should not be interpreted as being selfish. I have every right to do that without criticism. Jake
  8. Hi dx100uk, Great news, the court has stayed all enforcement proceedings until my set aside hearing is concluded. I would rather not go into the defence here if you don't mind because I still have a lot of research to do. I will now fully prepare my outline arguments as per the instructions in the court papers and compile a mini-bundle. Thanks for your assistance with this matter, I will keep you updated if you want. Jake
  9. Hi, Thanks for that clarification and thanks guys for your help and assistance. Clever with their words aren't they?! I just wish they would list my court hearing so I can at least get a chance of having the judgement set aside and the writ stayed to get these guys off my back and have a chance to defend the claim. Thanks again for your advice, much appreciated. Jake
  10. Hi Bailiff Advice, Yes the letter is from High Court Enforcement Group and the paragraph that concerns me reads: Removal of assets will now take place with or without your presence and where necessary an application will be made to the court under paragraph 15, schedule 12, Tribunals Court and Enforcement Act 2007 for authority to enter your premises. Any additional court costs and attendance fees will be added to the amount due under the writ. Jake
  11. Hi dx100uk, Thank you for that swift reply, much appreciated. Can I also ask are they allowed to repossess your goods if they gain peaceable entry and you are not there? Jake
  12. Hi, I have now made an application to the court to have the judgement set aside and the writ stayed. I have received a letter from the court saying the case is being transferred to my local court for a hearing. I have been in contact with the enforcement company but they say until a Stay of Writ is issued they will continue to pursue the debt. I have today received a further letter from them hand delivered which says they will be back in a few days and they say they will enter my property whether I am here or not. Can they do that? I think it might be a scare tact
  13. Hi, I think I've sorted it I was clicking 'reply to thread'. Anyway I wanted to thank those guys who have offered advice and it's reassuring to know that the bailiffs can not force entry. However, Ploddertom has still not replied, do you think he will? Jake
  14. Hi, I'm pleased to say that on submission of an N244 and having the judgement set aside, the other side reduced the debt by 45% and I avoided a country court judgement. Jake
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