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  1. The last contract is a 6 month contract. The previous one was 12 month on the same dwelling. I think it is a matter of interpretation, bottom line is I don't have access to the apartment anymore.
  2. Please bear in mind that I didn't give any notice (my bad) but I've posted the keys + garage fob, and I've got an email confirming that he's received them. However I don't have anything in writing confirming tenancy surrender, but technically anyone could be living in the flat. Also, I've released the deposit to him as compensation for not giving notice. I reckon I should ring the council and explain? Should I provide my Spanish forwarding address considering I don't live in the UK anymore and I don't intend to return (except for holidays). I've received the court summons only
  3. The Landlord has just accepted the keys back, he's re-decorated the flat and advertised it for sale. I've just noticed it's now available to let as well.
  4. Hello all, Back in August, I've notified my local council that I have vacated the property, and moved to Spain. My tenancy agreement terminates in Feburary 2019, although I paid the remainder to the landlord, the council told me that I'm still liable to pay council tax (covering the period up to 31/03/2019) even if I no longer live in the property, unless someone else moves in. However the landlord has decided to put the property for sale and is struggling to find a buyer. Since I have set up a post redirection service, I have received a CT summons letter on my new address i
  5. Thank you all. As matter of curiosity: What would happen if don't keep the bank informed regarding a new address?
  6. Thanks for your honesty. I will want to avoid debt until I get my savings built up to pay them. That may take 2, 3, 4 years I don't know. I'm not concerned about becoming BK in the UK as I don't intend to return to work, and of course as long as becoming BK in the UK does not affect my assets in Spain. If it does, I'll be in big trouble. Also what are the consequences of not reporting for example my 3rd change of address to the owner of the debt?
  7. Apologies but I've had the impression that this rule would apply to the link I posted: 8.3 Links to non-commercial and free advice sites are permitted, provided they are not posted by the owners of the site concerned, and that there is no direct financial gain involved with the recommendation. Can I quote it at least?
  8. [removed - dx] Note: My loan agreement states the bank can transfer their rights.
  9. Right, so does that mean that: - I will notify the bank of my address changes but I should never answer to a contact attempt nor admit that the debt exists? - The bank will possibly sell the debt to a Spanish DCA, but they are powerless anyway?
  10. Sorry I'm confused. Are you suggesting that I should report change of address to the bank so I get notified? Or should I just leave without contacting the bank?
  11. In the UK I know that DCAs can enforce a high court warrant like we all see in the TV show "can't pay we'll take it away". I don't have a clue of whether Spanish law allows that. Also I've seen on other post that the creditor can make me bankrupt in the UK.
  12. Thanks. Actually I'm not too concerned about DCAs. I'm worried about DCAs with a court warrant or getting my bank accounts frozen by a Spanish court.
  13. Hello, Long story short: I was employee of a company which buys stock in euros. Due to the referendum and the GBP drop, our margin has sank and after a short recovery the company went bust and we have all been made redundant. Because I’m a Spanish national living in the UK (7 years now), I could well stay here with the so called “settled status” but my landlord has already told that he won’t renew my tenancy in February because he assumes that all EU nationals will be illegal and he doesn’t want trouble with the government. To be honest I’m quite fed up with all this uncertaint
  14. It's an Accord 2.0 SE VTEC.
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