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  1. Many thanks dx100uk, fkofilee I have made contact with Noddle. Just waiting for them to get back to me. Cheers MBK
  2. Thanks for your help thus far dx100uk. Checked Noddle as suggested. The debt appears to be a 'loan' taken and added to my file in Jan 2019. I have not applied or taken out a loan. This is baffling!
  3. Hello dx100uk Not had any dealings with HFC as far as I am aware. Never made a payment to TBI, but my credit file is indicating the account was opened in Jan 2019 and payment made in Jan itself. Feb, Mar and Apr are blank. My credit file has open and closed accounts. This one is 'closed'. No, lived at my current property for over 20 years. Regards MBK
  4. Hello Hoping someone here can offer some assistance please. Having checked my credit file I note an entry from 'TBI Financial Services' who I now know are a debt collection agency having done some basic checks. I have no idea why they appear on my credit file and do not recognise the debt. Its been added to my credit file this year and appears as 'closed / defaulted'. TBI have not made contact with me either by telephone or letter and I honestly do not recognise the debt or entry. Never heard of TBI until yesterday. Could someone advise what the best cause o
  5. Hello and apologies in advance. This is going to be a long one:| Fingers crossed that I am posting this query in the right place. Hoping someone here can offer some help. A relative (non EU) become an accidential landlord. She emigrated to the UK, worked here for a number of years, purchased a property which she lived in and then decided to return to her homeland. She informed her lender that she would be renting out her property. She has a residential / interest only mortgage. She left her property in the care of an estate agent No1 and for a number of years this worked w
  6. Thanks dx100uk. the bank a letter. Hopefully they will look at this case favourably and not look to repossess the property. Apart from letters banks send, what other steps do they take to indicate they are in the process of repossession? Are we likely to hear from solicitors? Don't want to find that my attempts to reason with them is too late if they are already halfway to repossessing the property. The plan is to clear the debt asap and keep all future payments up to date. Thanks MBK
  7. Hello Needing some assistance re mortgage arrears and threat of repossession. The mortgage in question is with Halifax (interest only). I should mention that I am trying to help out my aunt who lives abroad. Having decided to move overseas, my aunt left her property under a letting agency. The bank were aware of the property being rented. Due to poor management of the letting agent, monies were not received in a timely manner and eventually mortgage arrears mounted. To cut a log story short, the property is now under a new estate agent and things are steadily getting better.
  8. Cheers Andy. All done. Now the waiting game begins! I would like to get my paperwork in order. Is it advisable to send through another SAR to Blackhorse or shall I do that after any judgment?
  9. Yes - doing it online. Can I check that in point 3 I put the full amount that is being claimed including court fee and legal representative's costs?
  10. Thanks Andy. Very much appreciated. Once I put in my defence - how will I be informed of the outcome?
  11. Hello, I was wondering if dx or someone could offer some urgent assistance. Hillesden Ltd via Mortimer Clarke Solicitors are taking me to court for a debt. I believe this to be statue barred. Details are below. I should mention that I sent through the AOS to allow for an extra 14 days. Just to let you know that this debt does not appear on my credit file. Name of the Claimant - Hillesden Securities Ltd Date of issue – top right hand corner of the claim form – this in order to establish the time line you need to adhere to – 14 DEC 2015 ( by my calculations 3
  12. Thanks dx. Just being able to 'talk' about this is giving me the strength to deal with it. Thanks for your advise and encouragement. MBK
  13. I am afraid life happened. I was earning so little money and trying to pay off other debts, this one didn't really feature. I don't recall getting many letters / bills from three regarding this contract. Because of other debts, I at one point stopped opening all debt type letters as I was 'drowning' in debt and the easy option was to bury my head in sand. It's only recently that I have noticed this debt has grown to over £600 without me ever making a single call on the sim. I suppose the dispute now is how can I owe three money on a sim never activated?
  14. What exactly am I looking for when I do get the information they hold? What will my argument be? What is the significant of the default placed on my file by Lowell??? So many questions!!! I only wished I had resolved this ages ago....:sad::sad:
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