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  1. I think in reality I’d like to pay £20 a week but not sure that’s going to kee them away. Thank you
  2. The only agreement I would have signed is the day he quoted and I ordered which at best would of been a commitment to going ahead with the order . Certainly no agreement to credit . I do wonder if it’s totally non enforceable
  3. I don’t have evidence of the pressure to install bar a few emails pushing for a date . She refers to numerous phone calls to arrange installation. She replies to my email which says I was in hospital waiting to go down to theatre for my c section saying “I didn’t realise you were pregnant again” . I then said I’d be in touch with the court to check proceedings myself when I was out of hospital. She emailed whilst I was still in hospital to ask how I was proceeding at which point . I hadn’t been in touch with the court as I was very unwell. I ended up making a ba
  4. Not protecting them worried about any implications of me naming them. Happy to message you details . There definitely isn’t a credit agreement . At best a confirmed order contract but no credit agreement
  5. Bankfodder - I have todays email which says "XX will call next week to discuss payment as you have not paid as agreed" I have other emails saying payment is due and has not been received - should I call over for the cash? Another email saying "further to XX visit yesterday and this email , which I never received and cannot understand why? We have noted your comments and can only agree to a three month payment plan before taking final court action" (this was the day of my daughters birth and she was informed I was in hospital about to go to theatre but continued a thread of message
  6. Hi Brief history - blind company insisted on fitting blinds I had told them I could no longer afford and that we would arrange payment in due course. I struggled at the rate they wanted £50 a week (total debt £950). I couldn't keep up, they started small claims but didn't continue with it - would have been easier if they did as I could have given a lower amount. The business owner then called round to my house for the money. it was the night before I had a c - section (which I was having earlier due to a heart condition) . They continue to email me whil
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