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  1. I do not have a job description as it was an internal job which it did not exist before. The difference in duties is more than just responsibility, I will do all the managing of everything including paperwork , projects and as a consequence will stall my current training to move up the ladder . In regards to keeping quiet , of course I will not if I feel being mistreated , hence I ask for further advice. Do you believe doing my manager's job long term in 2 occasions in the past and most likely a 3rd one now is fair? Thank you for your advice in both posts
  2. Last month I had reported to HR my colleague who accused me of tampering with my holidays and taking more that I was supposed to. The investigation showed that I was entitled to every single holiday I took and apparently the accuser got a disciplinary action. In the final decision meeting with the HR , I was told the accuser would receive 3 or 6 months record on his file . I read today the HR policy and it states 6 months on file for a normal first level (out of 5) verbal warning. According to the whispers , he only got 3 months My questions are: - Should have I received a
  3. Hello, I have a question and I was wondering if someone could help me. My manager has some health issues ( depression among other stuff) and during the past 3 years he has been off for a total of 9 months. 5 and 4 months continuously during 2 years and has now been off for over a week. I have a feeling he will get another long term leave which of course as it is health related I totally understand he might need it. But the issue is that every time during his long absence , I end up doing his job and it involves allot of stuff. For the 9 months I did his job I receiv
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