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  1. Thank you renegadeimp. I have changed my DMP to stop them getting any more money Do I need to write to them and tell them anything? I have been going through the paperwork I received back, I did receive one other CCA reply, from Capital One (DCA Fredrickson) with a "reconstituted" agreement, which comprises of a photocopy of my signature and date, and a print off of terms and conditions. The form is dated 2001, the printed off T&C's are undated. Any advice on this one appreciated muchly
  2. Hi, apologies for the late reply, work and health issues. However I did finally get a response from Cabot (the largest of the 4 debts) stating they cannot get the information so the debt is unenforceable until such time that they can get it. So, simply put, does this mean if I stop paying them, there is nothing that they can do? I do expect the harassment would start again if I do decide to stop? Any advice welcome, thanks in advance
  3. If you mean credit reference agency then no, the debts are 12 years old.
  4. No, is that the next thing before I do anything else? I should also mention that the DCA's have changed numerous times over the years on all accounts.
  5. Hi all I have been on a DMP for 12 years. I have inherited a little money and want to clear down the remaining debt. I have written to all the creditors and made offers of approx 30% of the outstanding amount split proportionately between them. The total outstanding is £7500 and allocated funds are £2500. I could be pushed to clear in full if I had to, without borrowing, but would rather clear for significantly less. I have so far received one reply from Cabot, the largest of the debts, refusing my offer, and suggesting I pay £3856 to clear. I've listed below the
  6. Can anyone offer any thoughts on this? I need to respond to the ombudsman by 11 August or they will close the claim (having waited almost a year for this I think that's a little harsh, but that's another story!) Thank you
  7. Hi, just wondered if anyone can offer advice on this claim with Natwest that I am handling for my partner, its with the Ombudsman at the moment, I'll try and be concise as I can the steps taken so far. Claim submitted early 2013 to Natwest Natwest failed to reply, resubmitted claim Rejected by Natwest as they say no evidence of credit card/PPI ever existed, despite a copy of the original opening of account/PPI letter being provided at the initial claim Disputed as original letter confirming PPI on new credit card account produced again Natwest still disputed account existed Clai
  8. Hi, well the solicitors letter does not confirm that, I suspect they are waiting a decision, will have to trawl the paperwork again. If they do vacate, I presume they will be then trying to recover their outlay thus far....will update later.
  9. OK, having read some of the Manchester thread, it answered some questions but raised others... agree that defendant is the way to go if he decides to go it alone however...costs that the solicitors may impose if the case is discontinued, are a real worry - its just over the limit for a small claim too. could he argue that the solicitor/brunel franklin have been negligent in letting it get this far (been going on since may 09 and court date set apr 10) or even taking the claim on in the first place? what other line of defence would/could he have? would it be best to argue w
  10. Thanks Haggis, some education needed on this site then decide what can be done about Brunel wasisface bunch -
  11. A friend is going through a CMC with an unenforceable CCA against MBNA on a no win non fee basis - court date set and everything, now they have received a letter from the handling solicitor saying they are going to drop the case as they do no believe they will win in view of recent cases that have gone against the claimant. Serious dilemma now as the terms of the conditional fee do state they may terminate at any time - and might have to pay their disbursements. Anyone else been in this situation? Can anyone give advice? Thoughts are to take the case on himself, but at the risk of lo
  12. Does anyone have any experience with this company? Or any other company that works to clear your debt - this one deals with unenforceable credit agreements amongst other things. Just wondering if they are bona fide or just jumping on the bandwagon. ..thanks for any input
  13. Hi there ARETEECEE Just out of curiosity, who is the manufacturer of the appliance?
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